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Today my IG (AM)....

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Thanks. It was a brutal game for the Angels. In the end I only lost my 10 Ratlings, Hellhound, 2 Scout Sentinels, 5 Scions and something like 15 guardsmen. The only damage to my vehicles was self inflicted overcahrge
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Colonel Cross

Colonel Cross


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Played against Tau for the first time post codex. It seemed like a pretty well balanced force, if not too many Kroot (he had 30 of them!)

We both had brigades. He had a Coldstar Commander with 4 fusion, Ethereal, Fireblade, Firesight Marksman, like 30 or 40 firewarriors, 10 Breachers, 2x15 Kroot with a Shaper, 2 railsides, a Skyray, a Hammerhead, Longstrike, 3 battlesuits with 6 fusion and 3 flamers, 3x4 of shield drones.

I had Straken, CC w/Laurels of Command & boltgun, CC w/Mamorph Tuskblade, Tank Commander w/classic loadout, Techpriest, 2xAstropaths (psychic barrier & Nightshroud), Ministorum Priest, 4 punchy Bullgryn w/mixed shields, 6xInfantry Squads w/3 in double heavy Bolter Chimeras, 2xArmored Sentinels w/Lascannon, Hellhound, Punisher fireball Russ, Battle Cannon Russ w/ Lascannon, and a Conqueror.

The idea behind my army build was a Recon in Force. I received a distress call and was sent out to investigate.

We played Scorched Earth and deployed in table quarters. I deployed extremely aggressively as this was a narrative mission and I didn't even know which army he was using. I deployed my entire army before he set up or told me which army he was playing. He infiltrated his Kroot into the center of the board in a line, blocking my advance & most likely hoping for first turn to tie up my Chimeras and Punisher. I had less units (thanks transports) so I got the +1 to my roll and got first turn, then he failed to seize.

I moved my Chimeras, Hellhound, Bullgryn, and foot troops straight at him. My conqueror moved up 5" behind the punisher which did the same. Everything else generally remained stationary. My TC ordered Strike & Shroud and used the Stratagem to issue it to his wingman. I also got off Nightshroud on the TC. The Bullgryn got Psychic Barrier. I then unleashed hell. FRFSRF from 2 Infantry Squads mulched a unit of Kroot. Lasgun Arrays from the Chimeras hit the other squad of Kroot. The punisher fired 40 shots into a unit of Firewarriors while it's 3 heavy flamers finished off a few more Kroot. The Hellhound lashed out at the Breachers and killed 7! Then it was time for the big guns. Between my 3 Battle Tanks and 2 Lascannon Sentinels I managed to take out the Skyray AND the Hammerhead. Then I managed to slingshot Bullgryn and 2 Chimeras into his lines by charging his couple of Kroot remaining and then piling in with my one Chimera to tie up a squad of 10 Firewarriors.

It was a far more devastating turn than I had imagined given the fact I did some mathhammer and shouldn't have been able to blow up 2 of his tanks. My dice were below average for most of my turn except on overcharging guardsman plasma guns and my damage rolls on his vehicles.

His turn saw his Coldstar Commander move to get within half range of my Punisher. His crisis suits couldn't even get within 18" of my battle tanks in my deployment zone and so had to come in on his flank to target my Chimeras. Everything withdrew from close combat. He ended up splitting his crisis fusion guns between 2 Chimeras and did no damage to the one holding the priest and Straken and managed 4 damage on the lead Chimera. Longstrike targeted the Punisher and only rolled a 2 for his damage. Then the Coldstar managed 10 damage to finish it off. He wounded a Bullgryn with his Breachers and used a Stratagem which allowed the rest of his units to wound them at +1. He then fired 60 shots at them with rerolls of 1 to hit and wounding on 3s which ended up killing a Bullgryn. Other units fired at a Chimera doing a few wounds and another unit fired at an Infantry Squad which killed 1 Guardsman. His broadsides completely whiffed their rail guns and the Bullgryn saved against their plasma.

At this point we decided to call it as my first turn was just too brutal and his dice were just too cold.

On this day, the 509th Macharian earned another battle streamer in a victory surely to be discussed by imperial tacticians for years to come!

After Action Review:
The Tau have some handy Stratagems now. I was kind of jealous of their EMP Grenade and a couple others. I ended up only using Inspired Tactics and dice rerolls.

The Taus primary AT continues to be fusion, so be wary of that 18" range.

Railguns are extremely dangerous but lack volume of fire with their BS unless they can manage marker light support or buffs from Longstrike. Hammerheads and especially Longstrike should be high on your priority list if you have any vehicles.

Taus For the Greater Good is death to Catachans charging in, so charge that Chimera in first! Then charge with impunity.

The Battle Cannon, and more so the Conqueror, continue to be consistent damage dealers.

Stacking Strike & Shroud + Nightshroud is an excellent deterrent. Provided you get first turn or your TC survives the alpha.

The Punisher Fireball Russ is the ultimate distraction Carnifex and, as Mordian Glory says: puts the voodoo on them. Everyone seems so scared of the 40 shots and 3 heavy flamers I get to reroll # of shots for. It's an effective psychological tool, but I find the Punisher Cannon to be quite poor damage wise - don't expect much offensive output if you try this out. It's also the same points as a TC, so keep that in mind.

Chimeras actually aren't bad if you intend to just dump out S4 guardsmen at things they can actually kill. Although I'd probably just rather have an additional 2 squads for the price of each Chimera (I need to paint up my last 4 squads).

Bullgryn are straight up beast mode and I think I want a couple more.

*If I can figure out how to shrink my pics to 2MB I'll upload some pictures

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