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Crusade Kauyon: Role Call! (a hobby udate)

Space Marines Assembly Black Templars Chapter

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Rebel J

Rebel J


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Just finished updating an inventory of my Space Marines. Gotta lot of work to do! My SM have been long neglected since they've been Codex'd.
There's a lot of units I want/ need to add. Two years ago, I did the same with my Necron Army, and there are still units left to be added!
The good news is, I have a better vision of what I want my Black Templar army should look like. Most of the units I need I already own and just need to be assembled/ painted. I keep a roster of what I currently have, and it's amazing how much more I have to go!

I mostly play non-competitivley, so my focus will be more on what feels like a strike force and less on what is more effective. I know some units and weapons are currently popular due to rules, but I'd rather focus on a specific theme instead. I chosed Black Templars for their Crusade theme and close combat ability, so I will most likely choose units that are geared for combat, closing quickly with the enemy and fit a "knightly" type theme.
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You either don the Black and grimly resolve to churn through the challenges as the adamantium and diamond teeth of your chainsword attempt to find purchase on Traitor armour and xenos carapace, or you do not become a Templar. The Eternal Crusade is not for those faint of purpose. It is a dark, grisly place. We fit well in the gloom with the mourning Black.

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