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Salamanders Shadow War Campaign Force

Salamanders Legion Horus Heresy Shattered Legion Shadow War

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Sons of Ananta

Sons of Ananta


  • 128 posts
  • Location:Bristol
  • Faction: The Sons of Ananta

My group is planning a shadow war 1500pt campaign later in the year and I'm planning a force around the Salamanders Istvaan survivors.
The campaign will have character advancement, which can potentially elevate your general considerably so keeping the general alive is a priority that normal games don't share.  Also, played on the regular boards, the mobility of scoring units is huge.  With the increase in environmental conditions, Breachers hardened armour seems very important, so they seem to be a must take as well.

To that end, I've got a number of lists, but all of them feature this central core.  The Praetor and Breachers will ride in the Storm Eagle.
Praetor w. Artificier Armour, Iron Halo, Dragonscale Shield, Mantle of the Elder Draken, Digital Weapons, Master Crafted Thunder hammer
10 man Tactical Squad
       - Sargeant w.artificier armour, power weapon, melta bomb
       - Rhino
10 Man Breacher Squad
       - Sargeant w. artificer armour, power weapon, melta bomb
       - 1x graviton gun, 1x melta gun
Fast Attack
Storm Eagle - Hellfire Missiles
Heavy Support
Deredeo w. Autocannon
On top of this I've also got other options
1.  Infantry/scoring heavy
Recon Squad w. melta bombs
tactical support squad (flamers) w. rhino
Apothecary w. artificier armour and power weapon
2.  Added artillery
Either Recon Squad or Tac spt squad (as above) or Pyroclast squad
2x Quad Mortars w. shatter shells
3. Shattered Legion
Iron Hands Centurion w. Cataphractii armour, cyber familiar, chainfist
Anvillus drop pod
Iron Hands Legion Terminator squad w. 3x power fists, 1x chainfist, 1x Lightning claws.

I feel like this provides me with a fair amount of options.  Any thoughts on options I'm missing?

Marcus Arias

Marcus Arias


  • 129 posts
  • Location:Bristol, UK
  • Faction: Ultramarines

I would play against it!

Sons of Ananta

Sons of Ananta


  • 128 posts
  • Location:Bristol
  • Faction: The Sons of Ananta
Interesting to see how my list has evolved since then.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: Salamanders Legion, Horus Heresy, Shattered Legion, Shadow War

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