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Seigeworld - APOC and 1850 ITC event Aug 27 and 28 St. Louis

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Iron Eagles

Iron Eagles


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Get the details at: www.gateway-gamers.com



Siegeworld Productions and the Gateway Gamers Club have joined forces to bring you Siegeworld 2016!  This event will be will be held the weekend of Aug 27th and 28th at the North County Recreational Center (link) in St. Louis, MO.

We are looking to grow Siegeworld so starting in 2016 in addition to the Apocalypse battle there will be a 40K ITC Tournament and Age of Sigmar.

Siegeworld 2016 will be a 2 day event.  Players have the option of participating in Siegeworld for 2 days or they can participate in the 40K ITC event and have the option of joining Siegeworld on day 2.

In the past Siegeworld has been known for massive games of floorhammer and set the record at one time with over 400k of 40k in a single battle.  Now Siegeworld is coming up to the tables!  Yes, the battlefields of Siegeworld will be played on table tops.  Siegeworld 2016 will be broken up into 2 to 3 battle fields.  There will be the main battle table and 1-2 satellite battle tables.  The main battle table will host the central battle.  Here is where Battalions of Tanks, whole Chapters of Marines, and numerous Titans will clash for supremacy.  The 1-2 satellite battle tables will play host to smaller engagements to gain control of either a long range artillery installation or an orbital defense relay.


So if you live in the area and wanna have a great weekend of gaming join us in St. Louis





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