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Conn Eremon

Conn Eremon


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Fellow Play-by-Posters, please see below for a message from Kurgan the Lurker. There's no place better on the web than the B&C, not the least of which for only just giving us this little slice of the board to play in.

It's time to show how appreciative of that we are.



As you may recall, in 2015 when Brother Argos stepped down we had to step up and become the financial backers of our favorite online play ground. Well it is that time once again.

Our yearly costs as they currently stand are $3,000 USD per year ($250 a month roughly). So we need to at least get this amount. Obviously any time we have done a donation drive in the past you all have stepped up above and beyond and we crush the goal out quickly. We average about 2,000 users/guests at any given time of day now, if every active person visiting donated just $1.5 we would meet our goal. That is for a year, $1.50 for a year of your favorite forum.

Anything over the $3,000 goal will go into the emergency fund (hardware failure, software changes/upgrades and so on).

Your donations will help assure that we can continue to provide you with a platform for the quality content and Fraterhood that you have helped to build.

Obviously the great community projects that you all regularly participate in and continue to help make this community a true community will continue:
E Tenebrae Lux
Call of Chaos
Cruasde Expansions

and more!

You, the Brothers and Sisters of this site are why it is the community it is today. Let's keep that going for another 17 years!!!!

We would like to have all donations collected by the end of August as our pay-period is in Sept.

There are several ways to donate.

First is to use the Donation Tracker on the right hand side of our screen (if you are on mobile platform you will not be able to see this).


Second you can donate directly via Paypal to: bolterinquisition@gmail.com

Finally, if those options do not appeal to you and you would prefer to send a check/money order you can contact Kurgan the Lurker and he can give you details about North American and European locations that you can mail those to.

We are off to a late start this year as behind the scenes some of the B&C crew have been hit hard with family health issues. The families of Thade and Brother Argos should be in your prayers to Emperor in particular.

As such we are starting nearly 3 months later than normal.

We had some swanky ideas for forum posters and a new tracker banner but various issues came up and right now they aren't ready. So we may just go with the old stand by as you can see at the top of this post.

I will endeavor to update the donate bar in the donate box on the right hand side in a roughly 12 hour cycle.

The upper banner may change a little less often depending on MadScuzzy and some ideas we had for a new one.

Thank you to all.

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Done and done. :tu:

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