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IL VII - The Berserkers of Uran

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Morgynia Lorthryk
Baroness of House Lorthryk, Tyrant of Gulaka, Slaughter’s Mistress

Baroness Gwaelyn was only twenty seven years of age when she rose to command House Lorthryk after a costly battle against an Ork empire. Nonetheless she did so with a tally of slaughter far longer than what was expected of so young a scion, even in this notorious House. Within the grim alliance that Raktra built around his Legion, she achieved a rare power, almost equal to the masters of the Legio Yharma.

Six years into her reign, House Lorthryk followed the Berserkers of Uran into betraying the Emperor. Fanatically loyal to the Ashen King, Baroness Gwaelyn led her scions in a fresh chapter of atrocities that exceeded anything the savage Knights had committed before, and the Tyrant of Gulaka became a source of fear across the Imperium.




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Been way too long since I did anything! So, with that in mind, there’ll be a new character done tonight, as crunch-wise, I’m replacing Kehl. Much as I like him, a slow, durable, average-melee unit is not what marks out the ‘serkers, so he needs changing out. I shall post more in an hour or two!

"I may be but small, but I will die a colossus."


Brotherhood of the Lost: The Berserkers of Uran:


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