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Legion of Dis

Liber Astartes DIY Ultramarines roman inspired legion spacemarines space marines

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Legion of Dis






"My life for the Legion! My life for the Emperor!"



The Apian Sector located in the far south of the Segmentum Pacificus was under siege from all sides. The alien, without and the heretic from within, not to mention the terrible warpstorm that had engulfed the sector centuries ago, now evaporated into nothingess. The Apian Sector was home to the Scipii Dynasty, an influential family of great wealth and power in the sector. Where all systems fell to the raging storm of disorder, they stood strong and protected what they could. They beseeched the High Lords of Terra for salvation and after much deliberation permission was granted and the order given. Command of this new chapter was to be given to Junius Brutus, a brother of the Ultramarines 1st Company who accepted the honour without second thought, taking with him a select few he trusted.


Brutus was united with his chapter, which he named the Legion of Dis, an ancient spirit of fear and death, a fitting match for the crusadetocome. They were given the Battle Barge Testudo and set a course for the Apian Sector. After their transition through the warp the Legion rendezvoused with the Scipii who had amassed an exceptional force of Guardsmen, Knight houses still loyal to the Imperium and a small expeditionary force of Skitarii looking to reclaim the lost Forgeworld of Germa. Each respective leader took counsel to discuss their campaign. After deliberation the Apian Crusade was declared and the Legion of Dis went to war.


“Let it be written! That I Junius Brutus, Imperator of the Legion of Dis, do declare this crusade alongside equals. Alongside brothers and sisters. Let us restore order to the sector and commit great violence against those who would dare threaten the will of the Emperor!”


Without delay, the crusade fell upon the world of Magna Dar. The people had renounced the Imperium centuries ago and had lived in ignorance as generations grew without knowing of the countless worlds beyond the sky. They were to be the first victims, the example. The Imperator gave the order and the entirety of the chapter fell like a wave of death upon the people. No punishment was too much for the heathens. No weapon in the chapter's armoury went unused in the slaughter. After a week of destruction the world had been reclaimed. Those smart enough to realise their impending doom bent the knee and offered their younger generations as tribute, intending them to be used as sacrifice like backwards pagans. The young were taken in and moulded to be the next additions to the chapter. Those unfit were tasked with rebuilding and cleaning up the corpses of their predecessors as a warning of things to come should they ever turn their backs on the Imperium.


Many other worlds heard of the crusade’s violent rapine of Magna Dar and quickly bent the knee, putting their leaders to death and accepting their new rulers.


The crusade marched on through the sector. The Aquilus system welcomed the crusade, longing for the light of the emperor to return to their world,pledging their knight houses to the cause. Next were the Eastern systems under threat from marauding Orks, they were quickly eradicated by the unbreakable fleets of the Scipii  The garden worlds of Ginium, who had given in to the dogma of the Tau were subjected to the tireless ranks of the Skitarii, led by Dex Uno Rho. Their very presence poisoned the world and irradiated the soil. Ginium was no longer green but barren. An army of Knight-titans and Astra Militarum reclaimed the Palius system without intervention of the Space Marines, proving their worth and securing their own world to sire more machines of war for the Imperium.


The final battle was fought over the planet Octavun and the neighbouring forgeworld of Rhea Prime. The planets were under siege from the forces of chaos but were yet to get a grip on the people. The fighting was primitive at best. Due to the sprawling city-states and demi-hives of Octavun, fighting was confined to the streets and great amphitheatres. The people were putting up a valiant effort to defend their world. They had many regiments of Guard and automota from Rhea Prime to protect their homes. All that was needed was the deathblow from the Legion of Dis. Many were lost to the brutality of the World Eaters and the fleet was near decimated from the lightning raids of the Red Corsairs, but the crusade endured. For sixty years the planet endured and Junius ended the conflict after killing the conductor of the siege, Furnex the Black, with his bare hands atop Mount Vanus Rex.


After a century of war the crusade had ended. Billions were saved and many more lost in the name of the Emperor. The crusade’s force was near obliterated were not for the Octavun people and their bravery. Octavun was named the home of the Legion of Dis and Dex Uno Rho took Rhea Prime after purging the populace.


Those that could not be reclaimed were destroyed. The Scipii family used their fortune to rebuild the worlds that were saved, an act that near ruined their reputation as a wealthy dynasty though the sector would be forever grateful. Now the Legion of Dis have rebuilt their strength and the Apian Guard were created as the standing Astra Militarum force in the sector. Germa still remains lost and the sector still besieged on all sides, but the Legion of Dis remain ever vigilant and ready to bring the Emperor's wrath to those that would dare threaten his realm.




Octavun is a world of vast forests and plains, with most of the land untouched by the settlements of the population. A vast ocean covers 60% of the surface with numerous chains of volcanic islands. A desert surrounds the equator and separates the planet into Northern and Southern sectors, it is home to the roaming gladiator tribes and nomadic hunters. Most of the inhabitants live in great city-states, one for each country with varying numbers of townships and demi-hives. The city-states collectively govern the planet, cycling the role of governor between themselves with elections, ensuring fair rule without need for rivalry and potential. The city-states are Leon, Mandigar, Crixa, Vapiodes, Rhoada and Fehna. 




The Legion of Dis favours tactical diversity and the application of overwhelming force. As a reflection of this, the Legion maintains relatively few specialised companies, instead choosing to spread those units which maintained large stocks of non-standard equipment and munitions evenly throughout the various cohorts of the Legion.


It was intended by Imperator Junius Brutus that each cohort would be individually capable of meeting the enemies of Mankind on any terrain and in any theatre of war with equal ability and emerge victorious. To this end, each chapter featured a proportionate mix of tactical and assault units, armour and artillery as well as gunships and transports.


The 1st Cohort comprise of the Imperator’s chosen few, the Praetorians. The Praetorians serve as an example of what every Legionary should strive to become. They are hand picked by the Imperator after being recommended by their Centurion, once accepted they don the purple and the chapter Armicustos forges the new Praetorian a black Gladius, the symbol of the Praetorians.


The 10th Cohort are the chapters assault specialists. They are more unruly and disorganised in comparison to the rest of their brethren, but what they lack in discipline they more than make up for it with violence. Any potential Legionary proving himself as exemplary in close-quarters combat during his training is sent to the arenas on Octavun. There he is pitted in gladiatorial combat against other aspirants as well as dangerous beasts, criminals and on the rare occasion xenos. Upon survival of a rigorous career in the arena, the aspirant completes their process of becoming an astartes, but is instead placed in the 10th cohort with other veterans of the arena. The 10th are used in boarding actions, search and destroy, espionage and also are exclusive users of attack bikes and terminator armour in the chapter. Essentially they are the specialists of the Legion of Dis.




Imperator = Chapter Master

Legate = Commander of a battle group or campaign when the Imperator is absent/ otherwise occupied

Centurion = Captain

Optio = An honourary title, second in command to a Centurion. More of an award than an actual rank

Decanus = Sergeant

Legionary = Brother

Armicustos = Techmarine


Legion = Chapter

Praetorian Cohort = First Company

Cohort = Company



Notable Marines

-Junius Brutus. Current Imperator. A stern man of experience with little mercy for failure. Lost his arm in battle with a chaos lord and retaliated by beating the lord to death with his fists. He is known for his complete intolerance for insubordination, often punishing the offense with death.


-Vibius Manus. Centurion of the 6th Cohort. A veteran of the Deathwatch and close friend of the Imperator. Saved the Ocean world of Priana III from Hive Fleet Scylla with the combined effort of the Iron Snakes and the Ultramarines.


-Pullo. Centurion of the 3rd Cohort. A most popular and controversial man, considered the most skilled with a blade in the chapter. The only marine to have ever bested the Imperator in hand-to-hand combat. Currently pursuing a group of World Eaters across the Cadian Sector in an act of vengeance, against the Imperator's orders.

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One little quirk. When going over the Chapter organisation, you say Chapter=Legion. Wouldn't this mean that their "Chapter" = a Legion since the right side is supposedly normal 40k terms? I'm pretty sure the Inquisition's gonna be out for them biggrin.png .

Well would you look at the time, it's zombie o'clock!




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Wouldn't have noticed that thanks bud! Edited!