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Requests for additional (sub-)forums

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Race Bannon

Race Bannon


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Not sure until release and review.

"Fully dressed in the ancestral Terminator Armour of their Chapter they rise to a new level of battlefield supremacy, a level where monstrous tanks are but playthings of a child, and where Terminators, Daemons and gods stalk as equals." -Thunder and Lightning, White Dwarf 116 (UK)

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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I was asking if they were going to actually merge Inquisition with Agents hence deleting a forum.

And the answer is that we don't know.

A lot of it depends upon, as I said before, the total outcome and impact on the codex structure. At this point, we (those of us that haven't seen the new codex) don't know if the factions that are included both in the new codex as well as existing codices will add to or replace those existing codices. It's entirely possible that some will do one and others will do the other. For example, the inclusion of the Deathwatch in the product description implies (to me) that we'll see a method by which Forces of the Imperium can take Deathwatch units without needing the Deathwatch codex, meaning that the Deathwatch might work in addition to the existing codex. Meanwhile, the Inquisition elements might replace the existing codex (which is possible considering the limited scope of the existing codex).

Ultimately, we're not going to rush into a decision and forum structure change (or lack thereof) without having a solid understanding of the impacts of the new codex and how they correspond to our structural construct.

This is how we approach all new codex releases and whether or not they cause us to make adjustments to our site structure.
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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


  • 20,319 posts
  • Location:The Temple of Oaths
  • Faction: VIIth Legion
Note that I've merged three similar topics requesting Thousand Sons and Imperial Knights forums and requesting changes as a result of Codex: Imperial Agents. By extension, we're also including Traitors Hate into this.
=][= DECISION =][=

Chaos Space Marines

For now, we won't be creating sub-forums for each of the nine traitor legions. If we see a sustained increase in traffic as a result of Traitor's Hate, we may create sub-forums for the nine traitor legions later. Each of the legions will be treated equally, so if we create a sub-forum for one, we'll create sub-forums for all of them (just like we've done with the Chapters covered in Codex: Space Marines).

Agents of the Imperium

Codex: Imperial Agents has provided us with some new ways to incorporate existing factions into our armies. However, it doesn't appear that any of the current codices are rendered obsolete by Codex: Imperial Agents, with one exception. The following are the impacts on the site as a result of Codex: Imperial Agents:
  • The Inquisition forum will be merged with the Agents of the Imperium forum. It won't be a sub-forum. It will be part of the Agents of the Imperium forum. All topics in the Inquisition forum will be moved into the Agents of the Imperium forum over the next week.
  • Other factions that are included in Codex: Imperial Agents will remain in their current locations. So the Adepta Sororitas will retain their dedicated forum (since it looks like they'll be getting their own full codex soon); the Grey Knights and Deathwatch will retain their dedicated forums in the Adeptus Astartes category; Assassins will continue to be discussed in the Agents of the Imperium forum; Imperial Knights will continue to be discussed in the Adeptus Mechanicus forum (more on this in a bit since it deserves a bit of an explanation); Wyrdvane Psykers will continue to be discussed in the Astra Militarum forum; etc.
Basically, Codex: Imperial Agents largely presents players with new ways to take (limited versions) of factions in their armies. So a player with an Astra Militarum army might take, say, a few Grey Knights as an allied detachment. Players can't take the full range of units, formations, and detachments found in the dedicated codices for these factions, but are able to incorporate allies in their armies in ways that fit the lore. So the dedicated forums remain viable for those factions.
The Inquisition is the only exception to the above as it appears that their appearance in Codex: Imperial Agents renders the Inquisition codex obsolete. Okay, maybe it's not obsolete, but the two codices don't need two different locations because one is not a subset of the other (unlike, say, the Deathwatch or Grey Knights).

The Legion of the Damned is a bit weird in that all three of the locations for their rules (Codex: Space Marines, Codex: Legion of the Damned, and Codex: Imperial Agents) are very similar, with a few exceptions. Since they are, at their core, Adeptus Astartes, they'll continue to be discussed primarily in the Codex Space Marines forum.
The Imperial Knights have been problematic ever since they were added to the site since they are very much a niche force. To be honest, much of the discussion on them is with regard to how to use them with other armies. Regardless, since all Knight Households have some level of relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus (some strongly aligned with the Adeptus Mechanicus and others much less so), they'll continue to be discussed primarily in the Adeptus Mechanicus forum.
The caveat to all of this is that any discussion that pertains to factions as they are presented in the Imperial Agents codex is permissible in the Agents of the Imperium forum. So if you want to discuss general Grey Knights issues, you should use the Grey Knights forum, but if you want to discuss the Grey Knights as they appear in Codex: Imperial Agents, you should use the Agents of the Imperium forum.
The key to all of this is effective standardized use of tags, especially important when discussing factions in the Agents of the Imperium forum instead of their dedicated forum. All you need to do is include the name of the faction in the tags (e.g., "Deathwatch") so that members can find these topics more easily.
Army lists forums can be chosen in multiple ways. You should ideally limit yourself to two such forums at most - the default forum being that of your army's warlord and additionally posting your army list in one other forum if the majority of your army is represented by that forum. For example, if your warlord is an Inquisitor, but the majority of your army is Black Templars, you could post your army list in both the Agents of the Imperium Army Lists forum and the Codex Space Marines Army Lists forum. If your warlord is from the majority faction (e.g., Helbrecht in a mostly Black Templars army), you should simply post in the army list forum for that faction, ignoring army lists forums for allied detachments (e.g., you might include some Grey Knights in that Black Templars army).
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