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Genestealer Cults

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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=][= DECISION =][=

While using some Astra Militarum units, the Genestealer Cults are clearly a xenos faction and will be discussed here at the B&C only as allowed by our current rules for xenos factions.

An important note is that some of the Genestealer Cult models (i.e., the conversion kits) can be used to model human mutants/abhumans, and portrayal of such will be allowed within the Forge forums. This doesn't mean that you can show off the portions of your Genestealer Cult army that look like human mutants/abhumans, however. This only extends to using those kits for what are clearly mutants/abhumans that are part of forces of the Imperium or Chaos (i.e., as allowed by those codices). If we see any such conversions that look like they belong in Genestealer Cult armies, we'll remove them, and if this happens too often, the privilege will be lost to everyone.


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