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Legio XVIII, The Steel Legion

Steel Legion Alternate Heresy Brotherhood of the Lost BotL XVIII Legion

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The beginnings of my draft for the next section of SL fluff. Along with it comes a question: Sangi, what did you have in mind for the SL's first campaign as a reborn legion?

With the number of his sons implanted with the  Symbios nearing 100%, Nomus determined that it was time to test his sons once more. As such, he declared a second training exercise upon Saepio’s surface. It was to be an effective rerun of the first training exercise which Nomus had ordered upon Saepio’s surface. Rather than testing the XVIIIth as he had the first time, Nomus’ goal this time was to gauge the effect of the Symbios upon his sons in combat and to familiarise himself with the changes it had wrought in their minds.


The results were impressive. Whereas before the XVIIIth had fought as a group of individual gangs all fighting towards the same objective, they now fought as a perfect war machine, each unit aware of every other’s movements and taking steps to adjust their own strategy to fit in with the difficulties or lack thereof being encountered by their fellow units. While there remained some units who were more impulsive and others more cautious, there fellows were now aware of these tendencies and so adjusted their own strategy accordingly. There is no greater encapsulation of the change the XVIIIth underwent than Nomus’ statement at the end of the training exercise: “No longer call yourselves the Silent Choir. That is a name associated with failure. You have not failed me”.


So it was that the XVIIIth was reborn, and just in time for the lack of a legion at the Great Crusade’s frontline had begun to show. The XVIIIth were desperately needed at the front and nowhere more than in the (?) system. 

The Brotherhood of the Lost


The IIIrd legion, the Crimson Lions formerly known as the Blood Wolves. http://www.bolterand...-crimson-lions/





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