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Getting the following when posting


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Kurgan the Lurker

Kurgan the Lurker


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This year. It is getting closer to starting up. Hopefully more information on that before end of this month.

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Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch

Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch


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I posted something in TITH... and I didn't get the scrapcode (I think), without any of the usual workarounds (others posted ahead of me, new page, etc). Was the issue finally resolved?


Nevermind. Just got the scrapcode when I posted this.

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I didn't know this was a thing. I primarily use Chrome, Win 10, and most of the time when I quick reply I get the scrap code, upon refreshing it gets cleaned up. If I click 'More Reply Options' to preview or edit my post I will not get scrap code. It happens across all areas of the forum, but is not consistent. There are times when my quick replies post fine, but the majority of the time if scraps out.

Karack Blackstone

Karack Blackstone


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A bit of reference if it helps.


I usually get the messed up forum post myself, what I assume is being called the scrapcode, where I get to see about a character per line, and the apparent html / sequence to possibly try and format the text and post into the proper forum post block.


Well, after replying to a thread and having the first post on a new page, I ended up not seeing the odd mess of text and slash marks.


I hope this might help narrow down a little where the specific code break is a little better.




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Want these bugs fixed? We've got eleven days to hit our goal to afford the server repairs.

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