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Adepta Sororitas Battle Reports

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Brother Sefiel

Brother Sefiel


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Sorry folks, forgot to link this here. It's from a few months ago:


Things are not always as they seem. Your friend today is your enemy tomorrow.




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Managed to get two more games in.  First against Astra Militarum with all the tanks.  Second against Chaos Space Marines (Word Bearers)


I ran my standard list of:

Outrider Detachment:

Celestine +2x Geminae

2x 5 Doms w/4x meltaguns

10 Seraphim w/4x inferno pistols

5 Seraphim

3x Immo w/flamers

Repressor w/stormbolter and heavy flamer


Spearhead Detachment:

Cannoness w/power sword

7 Retributors w/4x Heavy bolters

3x Exorcists

Eversor Assassin


Supreme Command Detachment:

Hereticus Inq w/inferno pistol and null rod

Xenos Inq w/inferno pistol and power sword

Malleus Inq w/stormbolter and chainsword


Imp Guard:

Tank Commander (plasma)

Pask (plasma)

3 Leman Russes (plasma)


2x scout Sentinals w/autocannons

4x 10 man guard squads



Company Commander (warlord w/relic that gets command points back)

2x 10man vet squads w/melta


Callidus Assassin

3x 1 Inq Henchmen


So many tanks...Game was ITC mission 1 Retrieval (4x objectives, two are labelled 1 and 2 for maelstrom, all four count for primary mission at end).  He won first turn despite me having the +1 to go first.  I scouted forward with the doms in an immolator and doms in repressor.


Turn 1

He advanced up with the rest of his infantry to screen his commander and tanks.  Hellhound advanced to try and get a shot on my other dom immolator.  He managed to focus fire on my Repressor to force the doms out, then shot up the rest of the squad with his infantry, dropping it to one lonely meltagun girl.  Manticore put some wounds on an Exorcist, dropping it to four wounds remaining.  Meltagun vets were relatively ineffective, doing only a few wounds to my other dom immolator.  Hellhound did do some damage to that immolator, dropping it to four wounds remaining as well.  Pask and other tank were out of range of the exorcists and shot up the dom immolator, disembarking the girls.


My turn I AoF'd Celestine to move then move again and get her within range to murder most of his vets and two platoons of guardsmen.  I also AoF'd the other dominon squad to get them within melta threat range of the hellhound and Pask+leman russ.  Disembarked the inquisitors to get within smite range of the guardsmen and moved their immolator forward to help out Celestine, rets moved out from the base level of a ruin to the upper floor.  Lonely dominion from the other dom squad advanced to try and get within melta range of the leman russ on the other side.  Mind bullets I launched into the guardsmen and killed most of the squad.  Shooting from Celestine, two immos and the rets managed to kill the meltavets and a few other guardsmen.  The wounded exorcist launched some shots at a leman russ, stripping a few wounds.  The other two exorcists shot at the hellhound.  Unfortunately the dominions had to finish it off, instead of shooting at the Pask Leman russes.  Charge phase I put Celestine into the guardsmen, and piled into the other squad.  Greyfax heroically intervened.  In combat Celestine butchered a squad of guard and the geminae killed a few others.


Turn 2

He fell back with the remaining squad of guardsmen and trained all guns on Celestine.  He also dropped in his Callidus.  Gave the scout walker on my left flank the strategem to advance a whole bunch to try and get it into my deployment zone.  Leman Russes stayed put.  Psyckicking he mind bulleted Celestine but I was able to stop it.  He then put all of the guns into her, killing her, and blowing up another exorcist.  Celestine resurrected on my left flank within range AoF striking range of the Manticore and Leman Russ commander.


AoF turn.  I double bounced Celestine to be within range of his manticore and tank commander to tie them up in combat.   Rets using the other AoF to kill some more guardsmen. Start of the move phase I resurrected a geminae.  Inquisitors moved up.  Exorcists shuffled slightly.  I dropped in the Eversor behind cover as well as the large squad of Seraphim.  I mind bulletted into the callidus, one failed to go off, one was denied and the other caused 1 mortal wound.  Shooting Rets took off a few wounds from a Leman Russ.  Exorcists managed to blow it up.  Eversor shot at some guardsmen in the far back right side of the table.  Seraphim shot up the rest of the squad.  Charge phase the Eversor charged into the Leman Russ and piled in to include Pask.  Celestine charged the manticore, then piled in to catch the Leman Russ Commander as well.  Overwatch killed the geminae.  Eversor caused some wounds to the tank with his gauntlet, taking none in return.  Celestine wiffed huge against the manticore.  Inquisitors charged the guard blob in the middle and killed more, taking a few wounds in return.


Turn three.  I checked the time and for us to play two turns + deploy took nearly 2.5hrs...I had another friend coming over in an hour, so I said we'd have another half hour to finish the next round.  


He fell back with his manticore and tank commander from Celestine.  Greyfax advanced to get into the Inquisitor combat.  Callidus advanced to get into the combat.  Shooting he killed Celestine, blew up another exorcist and I think killed some Rets.  Fighting with Pask and the tank he did some wounds to the Eversor and killed two inquisitors.


In my turn I double bounced the meltapistol seraphim to put them on the objective in his deployment.  Dropped the other seraphim on the other objective and held the one in my deployment zone.  Inferno pistols then nuked Pask.


Final scoring was Sisters won primary, I won maelstrom as well by one point, and we each scored two points on the tertiaries.


Had the game gone on any longer though I most certainly would have lost.  5 Leman Russes are punishing...especially with the double shots.  The only thing that saved me a few times was how he positioned his tanks and the T8 on the exorcists vs. T7... it makes a significant difference.  He had all of the rerolling and command point shenanigans.




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Played a 1500pt game at the FLGS today.


List was (Vanguard Detachment):

Celestine +2xGeminae

2x 5Doms w/4 meltaguns, chainsword/boltpistol on the superior

2x Immos w/Immo Flamer


5 Legion of the Damned, multimelta and stormbolter chainsword on sarg

5 Legion of the Damned, bolt pistol and chainsword on sarg

Eversor Assassin

Imperial Knight Paladin w/ battlecannon, 2xheavy stubbers and reaper chainsword


Opponents List:

2x Company Commanders

2x Manticores

Leman Russ Tank Commander w/Lascannon and battlecannon

3x 10man Guard squads w/lascannons

Command squad w/sniper rifles

2x Culuxes assassin

3x 5 man Tempestus Scions w/2x plasmaguns, plasma pistol on sarg

2x 5 man Tempestus Scions command squads w/4 plasma and PP on sarg

2x Tempestus Tempestors

Sanction psyker


Game was ITC mission 1 (Retrieval mission and modified maelstrom, dawn of war deployment).  Objectives were placed in a diamond pattern with maelstrom objectives on the left (obj 2) and right (obj 1) side of the diamond, retrieval mission objectives placed at the north/south of the diamond roughly in the middle of the board in each players deployment.  I won the roll to go first, putting the eversor and legion of the damned squads in deep strike.  Knight in the middle of my deployment, Celestine beside him, one dom squad in immos on the right flank, the other in the middle beside Celestine.  He had all the scions in the sky, culuxes hiding in the shadows.   One company commander and guard squad + command squad on my right flank at the far back in his deployment hiding in a crater.  Manticores/Leman Russ behind a ruin in the middle w/ other company commander, psyker and two squads of guardsmen in a ruin.


Beginning of game I scouted forward both dominion immolators.


Turn 1

AoF I moved Celestine and the geminae forward.  Movement I advanced both Immos forward, bringing the centre guard squads into range of the flamers and moving onto maelstrom objective #1.  Celestine advanced another 12" to get within flamer range of the other guard squad.  Knight moved up to hang out with Celestine.  I also dropped the first Legion of the Damned with the multimelta into a ruin within 12" of the Leman Russ.  The other LoTD dropped onto objective 2 on the left side of the board.  The eversor appeared behind his manticores/leman russ.  Shooting wiped out one imperial guard squad in the middle, killed some others on the far back corner of the board with the other immo.  LoTD with melta and the knight stripped 9 wounds of the Leman Russ.  Charge phase I assaulted his manticore with the eversor, he overmatched dropping him to 2 wounds.  The company commander intervened as well, prevent me from piling into the second manticore.  Celestine charged the remaining Imperial guard squad in the middle ruin, hoping to consolidate into the manticore.  Fighting saw the Eversor strip some wounds off the manticore, celestine butchered some guard then consolidated into the manticore.


His turn he dropped fell back with the manticore and his company commander.  Other movement saw him drop in 2 scions+ command squad and tempester + both celexus on the right flank to help shoot up celestine and the eversor.  The other 2x tempester squads + command squad + tempester dropped in to deal with both legion of the damned.  Shooting he killed the eversor, and celestine using the scions on the right flank.  Celestine resurrected on the other side of the main ruin in the middle of his deployment out of line of site.  He unloaded into the legion of the damned squads...while they cackled maniacally at the plasma crackling off their 3++.  When the dust settled 3 legionaries had fallen.  Charging he attempted to get a culuxes in with the Immo (the 12" flamers are amazing on overwatch) and failed twice.


Turn 2

AoF I disembark move the doms out of an immo to get shots on the manticore.  I also advance Celestine 12".  Moving, the other squad of doms disembark, Celestine moves to get both manticores and the leman russ as charge targets from behind the ruin wall.  Knight advances up.  Immo's shuffle.  LoTD advance out from their ruin to get within range of the tempestus squads.  Shooting both LoTD shoot into the scion command squad, killing them down to one model.  Celestine cooks more guardsmen.  Doms squad 1 pastes a manticore.  Dom squad 2 brings the other manticore down to 1 wound.  Both immolators cook a culexus.  Knight strips last wound from the other manticore and stubbers down some stormtroopers on the right flank.  Charges, doms charge his psyker, he intervenes with the company commander, celestine charges the company commander, other doms charge the psyker.  LoTD squad one charges on squad of storm troopers, piling in to catch the remaining trooper from the neutered command squad.  LoTD squad 2 charge the other squad of scions.  Combat sees me Celestine the company commander to death, then club the psyker with my dominions.  LoTD squad 1 kills all the scions from the squad they charged.  Squad 2 kills most of the other squad.


His movement he falls back with the leman russ, falls back with the scions (issuing order so they can still shoot). Falls back with the other guard squad that was down to one lascannon.  Shooting he kills a squad of doms with the scions, kills a few more LoTD with the scions on the left flank.  Kills a geminae and puts some wounds on celestine.  He also charges with the Culuxes into the immolator and eats some wounds on overwatch.  The other infantry squad/company command squad and company commander take a few more wounds off an immolator.


Turn 3

I AoF to heal Celestine to 6 wounds remaining.  I also AoF with the doms to shoot at the Leman russ, but he CP's it to give a cover save and makes all his saves.  I retreat with Celestine and her resurrected geminae behind the wall but still in range to flame the remaining lascannon from the squad in the middle.  Doms advance out of LOS behind a wall. Knight positions to get closer to the leman russ in case he needs to charge.  I fall back with the immo that the culuxus engaged and reposition the other one to load up the doms next turn.  Shooting sees celestine torch the final lascannon from the guard squad in the middle, knight blows up the leman russ, immo kills the culuxus, LoTD (2 left in each squad by this point) shoot up then beat down the remaining tempests, leaving only the tempester prime on the left flank.


His turn he advances the remaining scions no the right and his tempester on the left.  Shooting he blows up one immolator (the one my girls were about to embark in...).  He also manages to finally land a lascannon shot on my other immolator.  He charges the tempester into the LoTD #1 squad, killing a legionnaire and taking two wounds in return.


Turn 4

I AoF celestine back to full health and AoF the doms to get within shooting range of the scions that pulped their ride.  Celestine advances to within flame range of the same scion squad.  I back up with the knight.  Shooting sees me kill the scions with the immo flamers and celestine and the doms (two separate squads + the tempester prime).  


We call it at this point as he had one squad of guard left and the company command squad + company commander vs. a nearly full health immo, a very angry celestine, a knight and a squad of doms.


Fun game though, big mistake my opponent made was dropping the scions in to shoot the LoTD.  They do not care and just ate all the plasma shots.  Was really enjoyable using some different units though.

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