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Long wait time on edit/reply

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So recently, whenever I've tried to edit a post, write a new post, or make a new topic, I'll have to wait a solid 2 minutes for the load bar to move.

And in the case of editing now, my entire post will just be blank and I have to write the whole thing out again.

It's annoying but not incredibly so, so has this issue came up before for anyone? Could this just be on my end? I'm on the mobile site using Android, to clarify.

Swarmlord Unleashed

Swarmlord Unleashed


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Happens for me when on the website for pcs, tried on my laptop and chromebook.

It's on my phone that it works well.

Well would you look at the time, it's zombie o'clock!

Soldier of Dorn

Soldier of Dorn


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Fairly certain it's tied to the same issue as the "code barf" in new posts when using the quick reply as it appears that something from


is what's preventing the page from loading in a timely manner.


EDIT: It's only happening when I go to "More Reply Options" and the full post editor that this happens.


EDIT 2: It's also preventing me from accessing the main gallery. I can link to my own personal gallery, but the general gallery is effectively inaccessible due to the loading time. Also, visiting the above website gives me this:




which seems... fishy somehow.

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Yes, this is the mongotruck stuff and related to the previously raised issue. The site is sometimes slow to respond which is holding up the B&C. This is already being looked into, so to keep things clean and in one place I'll close this topic.

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