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30k tournament maybe (NW UK)

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Morning all,


ok so our club "Ribble Warriors" host a annual 40k tournament called the "River Rumble" i know some of you have attended in the past and will hopefully attend in the future. Anyway we was discussing the 2017 event and it was suggested we host a 30k event as well as the normal 40k blood bath.


The ruff idea is the normal five games over the Saturday and Sunday, but unlike the normal 40k event we want to run this as a campaign with an overall objective, as well as the individual game missions and objective. i.e. the assault of the Emperors palace (could the loyalist hold the walls, or will the traitor forces wipe them aside). with trophy's up for grabs for the greatest warlords. 


So this post is just to basically ask the community if people would be interested in taking part, we are looking for a minimum of 12 players ( but the more the better), date is to be confirmed but it would be September ish 2017, in Preston UK.


please ask questions, and if you feel it would be something you would be interested in taking part in then please leave a reply so we can get a feel  as to the community interest.



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