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Vassal40k Necromunda Campaign

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I've been looking for a way to get into Necromunda for a while now (Manager doesn't like us taking up space, but sometimes lets us use back room.) and I've recently found the Vassal40k module. Sure it's a bit outdated and doesn't have proper models but we can use proxies. Anyone interested?

Well would you look at the time, it's zombie o'clock!

Space Truckin

Space Truckin


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I've tried messing around with vassal 40k but really spend much time to learn how it works properly.  

Does Vassal support  maps that work in 3 dimensions?  For buildings etc?


edit:  Have you posted this on Yaktribe as well?

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The chapter might continue, but its heritage had been destroyed – it would never be the same again. Two Heads Talking was of the last generation of Space Marines recruited from the plains people. There would be no more.


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