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Predictions for 2017 Astra Militarum

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Agreed one of the best and seriously underrated metal lines they've ever produced. Praetorians coming first of course msn-wink.gif


You mean with dual kit Mordian heads of course! ;)
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If they do make a new plastic line, it probably won't have that real world look. I'd expect something more specific 40k-ish.

That is the more likely course.

They will probably look like the Tempestus Scions.

Captain Titus

Captain Titus


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Well in the latest regimental standard, it talked about Custodes fighting with the Guard now. It also mention an irradiated war zone so I saw some people suggesting that it was talking about Armageddon. Who knows?




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Hopes for Rules changes:
Orders go off auto within 12" or with vox (otherwise too far away to issue)

PCS, CCS can blob with ANY platoon squads

Can order from/to inside chimera/taurox

Dedicated transports count as part of unit (fire/move/ECT with orders)

World's without number: can elect to swap transport versions with any version in current IOM codex (must pay the price from that codex)

Weight of fire: any model/ unit hit with lasguns suffers the following penalties for the rest of the turn (once wounds are scored):
Hit by 15 shots - minus 1 AC (including invulnerable)
Hit by 20 shots - minus 1 T
Hit by 30 shots - no cover saves of any kind

Russes gain back lumbering and split fire on main gun (sponsons shoot before ordinance, or snap fire). Squad Russes must target same unit with main guns (unless split fire order)

HW teams get t5

2 points: flamer, sniper, bolter, lascarbine
5 points: melta, plasma, HBolter, GLauncher, sbolter, HS lasgun, mortar
10 points: autocannon, Mlauncher (w/skyfire rounds), power weapon, plasma pistol, hflamer, HS volley
15 points: lascannon, power fist, melta bomb

Following count as heavy: HBolter, mortar, autocannon, mlauncher, lascannon, HS volley

Lascarbine: S3 AP5, assault 2 18"
HS Lasgun: S4 AP3, rapid fire, 24"
HS volley: S5 AP3, Salvo 2/4, 24"

Mortar is now heavy 2

Vehicle upgrades stay the same plus:
10 points: veteran crew (+ 1 bs)
15 points Bird hunters (can elect to skyfire all weapons for a turn), tank hunter (2 dice for pen or damage) or monster hunter (wounds do D3 on MC)

60 CCS base - medic, vox, & 4 vets
commander always has carapace
lasguns, pistols, and CCW all around
5 points for banner (stubborn within 12")
Upgrades: 10 pts for carapace, 10 for cammo cloaks, all can take from list

All officers are 15 points

Commissars, priest get a 5 point reduction

Primaris is now 40 points

30 points for techpriest AND one servitor (upgrades stay the same for servitors)

20 Tank commander stays same, can order up to 2 tank units to gain split fire, twin linked, bird/tank/monster hunter
coordinate fire (give BS to all tanks within 12" for the turn)

30 tank commissar , 3 orders, 5 BS, same as above

Psykers are 10 points, can't take gear

30 PCS, commander 4 guardsmen, vox
Upgrades: 10 pts for carapace, 10 for cammo cloaks, all can take from list
Can take Chimera, taurox, valkerie

50 infantry squad, lasguns
HS Lasgun, Heavy bolter, vox, frag grenades
Sergeant can take any non heavy from armory
Upgrades: HS Lasgun and/or HBolter to any other 5 point from list free, any from 10 point for 5
5 points for Krak grenades
Can take Chimera, valkerie

55 infantry combat squad, lascarbines, laspistols, CCW
2 Flamer, heavy flamer
Sergeant can take any non heavy from armory
Flamers can swap for non heavies from list
5 points for Krak grenades
Can take Taurox, valkerie

50 Heavy weapon squad, 3 heavy bolters/mortars
Upgrade to AC, ML for 5 points, LC for 10

40 special weapon squad Sergeant and 5 guardsmen with HS lasguns
Sergeant and 2 others can take any non heavy in armory as an upgrade
Can take valkerie

Conscripts stay the same

60 Veterans take either lasguns or lascarbines.
CCW, laspistols, frag and Krak grenades
Either 3 hotshot lasguns, 3 heavy flamers
All 3 can swap for any weapon in the armory (heavy weapons are held alone)
Sergeant can swap for any non heavy
Grenadiers and sentries stay the same, demo is 20 points
Can take chimera, Taurox or valkerie

55 chimera multilaser and HBolter
Can swap either for HBolter, hflamer
Can take Autocannon, TL HBolter for 5 points

40 Taurox same as before

100 Valkerie transport
Lascannon for 5, rocket pods for 5, bolters for 10

100 Ogryns: add fnp 5+, 30 per model
Ripper gun: S5 AP5 18" assault 3 (can be used in assault)
Can take chimera

115 Bullgryns: add fnp 5+, 35 per model,can ADD mail and shield for 15
Can add Chimera

50 Wyrdvanes: 10 per extra, power level 2 if 10 models
Ratlings: change to move-fire-move, can squad up or start game attached to units (1 per)

Tempests platoon removed (have their own army)

30 Scout sentinel, multilaser
Same upgrades,
5 points swap for HS Volleygun
10 points, add power claw

35 armored sentinel (see above)

50 Armored Scout Cavalry
(Rough riders on cav/bikes/ECT)
Add T4, jink, Lasgun carbines, 10 points per model
2 riders can replace carbine with non heavy from armory
Sergeant can take any non heavy from armory

Hellhound chassis get 25 point reductions and 11 rear armor

150 Vendetta, same with sponsors only costing 10

Leman Russ all get free pintle stubber, sponsons 10 points cheaper, no more gets hot on plasma, add HS volley sponson for 15 points
Pintle mounts grant TL if they hit first
Exterminators get rending,
Vanquishers become SD on a 5 or 6 to hit

60 Hydra
100 basilisk
60 wyvern
150 manticore
150 Deathstike (now SD blast)


This would all be really awesome.  I'm down.  I especially love the weight of fire rule for Lasguns.  That has my vote.  


Though lately I have started thinking that maybe lasguns could benefit from being like AP6.  Would that be too much?



Also, I feel like GW is going towards making Armageddon the new Cadia.  Or we are gonna see them come out with new model all together, and make it look like an updated Solar Auxila model nearer to how Scions look now.  

"Success is measured in blood; yours or your enemies."

Otto von Bludd

Otto von Bludd


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Based on some of the leaked 8th edition rule changes, and how similar they are to rules in AoS, I think if we look at armies similar to Guard in AoS we can come to a good idea of how Guard will play in 8th.   I think that's a good thing because, based on what little I know of them, AoS rules have really impressed me.  Now I don't even know if any armies in AoS play similar to Guard, but if anyone more knowledgeable about AoS cares to draw some comparisons we might be able to form a picture of the Guard's future. 

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