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Cambrius' DIY Chapter Forge - Custom Chaplain Kitbash

Kitbash DIY Vanquishers Chaplain WIP Custom Chapter Jump Pack

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Brother Cambrius

Brother Cambrius


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Greetings all! It's been a little while.
So when the Boxing Day Bash came around, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and try and build and paint a custom kitbashed Jump Pack Chaplain, using the parts available in my bitz box. Sadly time ran out and thus I failed, but I'm continuing to slowly complete the model and will continue tracking the progress here for your viewing pleasure.
This Chappy's being built to join one of my DIY Chapters, descendants of Dorn known as the VanquishersThey're Urban Warfare specialists and so with that I've been going for a less gaudy looks with not too many adornments that stick out and get in the way for cramped fighting in cities.
Thus here were the bitz used:
A lot of the pieces came form the Death Company set I got to make custom Vanguard and Sternguard years ago but the full list was:
Head: Chaos Space Marine skull helmet, with the arrow trimmed
Chest: Death Company
Arms: Death Company
Right Shoulder Pad: Death Company
Left Shoulder Pad: GW Imperial Fist pad
Legs: Death Company (seeing a theme here?)
Jump Pack: Death Company
Crozius Arcanum: An old Space Wolves Axe arm that needed love and the eagle decoration from the Command Box Set you'd typically put on a Company Standard
Base: Assault Marine base accessory
So yeah, a lot of Blood Angel-y stuff on a chapter descending from the blood of Rogal Dorn, but I trimmed off a lot of the extra frills and some iconography, leaving only the blood drops on the jump pack as there's a fluff reason to those within the Vanquishers as a sign of valorous honour. The crosses of the Death Company I intend to paint in with the rest of the armour, so it just looks like recessed detailing, but I'll paint the cross on the right shoulder pad to give it an Assault Marine emblem look once I get to detail painting.
And this is how he looked when fully constructed. It was fun trying to angle the Crozius arm to give a feeling of motion with all the purity seals (which are highly necessary for Litanies of Faith and warding form the risks of Plasma Pistol overheating in game...):
After that it's been a question of painting and here's how far he's gotten thus far:
The initial base colours went down well, but my Runefang Steel went all sticky so I had to repaint the metal with a fresh pot of Ironbreaker and build it up. I'm opting to go for a slightly off-black colour for the main armour too, so it's not all lost when the washes are applied.
And here is how far I got to last night, I wasn't too sure about colouring the eyes, but went with it in the end for a more creepy, terrifying look befitting a Chaplain:
So still plenty to do, but more to come as I start focusing on detail and then washes and highlighting.
As always, any comments/critique is welcomed!

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Nice build on the chaplain! I like what's going on here... The colors kinda hurt my eyes! Hah not in a bad way though, the purple w the bright green purity seals just seems a little garish (still, fine though) the one nitpick I have is that, to me, the Crozius is as much (if not more) a sign of office and inspiration as it is a "club" ...so maybe reversing it to face outward would look a little more... Ehmm... Official? I get the 'motion' aspect and all... But I dunno, would work a lil' better in my opinion! Looking forward to seeing him completed!

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