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Emperor's Spears covered by A D B

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I love the Celestial Lions, but I wouldn't mind them being wiped out to a man. I would prefer to see AD-B's version of resurrecting a chapter from the brink of destruction though if that's even a viable option for the Lions at this point.
Trial Of Blood Part I & IIPrelude To ArmageddonBlack blood vomited through corrupted lips as he struggled to speak his last. "I-iron within, iron wi.." His legion's motto was cut short as Soghur ended his life with a final swing of his axe. "You know nothing of iron, traitor," spat the Iron Hand as he strode over his already forgotten enemy.<p>"I understand you might think the IX Legion a bit... overzealous with our devotion to blood. But you must understand, blood is the most valuable resource on Baal. The tribeless are left to die. Lord Sanguinius was the only surviving orphan anyone could remember who actually thrived before he was found. So you see, his blood is singular in the history of our world, and we are honored to share it with him." - Ninth Captain Demion





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It could also end with the triumphant arrival of a saviour fleet from the other side of the Great Rift . . . about a year too late to do anything other than take up the duty and start over.
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Brother Lunkhead

Brother Lunkhead


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FINALLY..... just finished itsweat.gif What a great read and what a great setup for the rest of the series. AD-B really crammed a lot into this one and did it well. What a very interesting chapter the Emperor's Spears is...… lots of great characters..... too bad so many of them had to die so sooncry.gif This book was packed with great fluff without feeling forced down my throat. The picture of the desperate straight that Imperium Nihils is in is painted sparingly but vividly. For those who think not much has really changed in the 40Kverse should check this book out. The Cicatrix Maledictum brings a whole new kind of hurt to the Imperium and AD-B illustrates the point quite well. 


In spite of all of this there is still room for petty intrigue:


The reaction towards Amadeus and his retinue was really quite extraordinary..... AD-B, you're not going soft on us are you?msn-wink.gif


I'm probably the last person on Earth to finish this book, but if not, read it.... you (probably) won't be disappointed.

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