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DA Successors: Where do all those Terminators come from?

Unforgiven Terminator Deathwing Dark Angels Chapter Dark Angels Successors Guardians of the Covenant Chapter

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Hope I didn't offend anyone.




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Hope I didn't offend anyone.




I think the discussion's just run its course! :P

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Wodon the War god

Wodon the War god


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From my perspective, there is a lot of conflict between the "Fluff" and the facts of the game.

Plasma Weapons are supposed to be rare, but every Guard Regiment in existence has hundreds of them.  The Rhino is supposed to be the "Most common" APC in all of the Imperium, yet only Marines and Sisters of Battle have them.  None belong to IG regiments.  Land Speeders supposedly existed and battled during the Crusade, and the Dark Mechanicus can build flying machines, Tzeench has Floating disks, yet the Chaos Marines don't have Land Speeders.

Trying to justify Game Balance choices against the Fluff is challenging.  It is easier to punch the "I Believe" button and move on.  If you want to develop a fluffy reason that something exists, you can noodle it.

Here's my position: these armors HAVE to be being built.  The Indomitus pattern Terminator was not fully developed when the Horus Heresy hit.  Neither was the Mark VI armor, much less the Mark VII, yet these are in the hands of Chaos Marines as well as Loyalist.  Attrition alone would account for 100% of the armor of even a full Legion after Centuries of war.  The Heresy (Mark V) suit was less an actual design and more a spare parts Frankenstein assembled by the Techmarines of each Legion to keep their brothers in battle.  That shows that even a Techmarine has the ability to build a new set of armor.  And Forgeworlds are building for the new chapters.  Slowly, but they are building.  The Grey Knights each have their own, personalized suit of armor, and if they are promoted to Terminator, they get an entirely new Terminator suit.  These suits are not passed from one to another, so at least on Mars they are able to build new armors.

As for the Jetbike, the Legions once fielded entire formations of Jetbikes, just like the Craftworld Eldar (I know, I know, why don't the Chaos Legions have them?)  It would seem that the STC was either lost or is just something that the Priesthood of Mars does not want to share.  Big, Red, Shiny, "I believe" button.

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