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200pt Kill Team Battle Report - Necrons Vs Deathwatch

Deathwatch Necrons xenos video Kill Team

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Frick-idy Friday, the Friday chicken. You take a drumstick and your brain starts tickin'. Watching Glacial Geek KILL TEAM Battle Reports with no lights on. We're dans le maison. I think the Deathwatch are in this one ... Ok, you get it ;-) ... https://youtu.be/uxpcAl_j2c4 This week my Deathwatch take on the Necrons! The opening of a Tombworld usually signals the end of humanity's time on that planet. The creatures of Living Metal will begin to pile out onto the surface and gradually take over the planet for their Dynasty awoken. But there are some circumstances when a swift reaction with enough force can shut down the Tombworld before it fully awakens, or at least buy enough time to evacuate the planet. And when xenos are involved, the Deathwatch are usually the answer. Will the Shield that Slays be able to strike hard and fast enough to bring down the metal monsters, or will the might of the creatures of Living Metal prove too much for the Kill Team? Watch and find out! 

Glacial Geek YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/c/TheGlacialGeek

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