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Could we have more likes, please?

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Since you have to go view a Fraters profile to see their 'standing' anyway I don't think it's a huge deal how many likes people may or may not have. As for liking and not commenting, I think that's fine for most situations. For example a fantastic paint job/conversion that generates dozens of likes and comments - at a certain point another generic "Wow great job!" post becomes fairly redundant (except for increasing your post count). In this instance I think a Like is effective enough.


People are gonna use their Likes however they see fit though, it's a personal thing as to what warrants one. I wouldn't want us getting loads to be honest as it would cheapen the effect.




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How's the talks about getting more likes?

I think it's just nice way to show appreciation of someones comment without bogging a thread down with "I agree" comments if someone doesn't want to add more to it.

It would be awesome to be able to like any and all comments just fro the simplicity of showing appreciation of the comment.

Is there a way to just remove the relegated "likes" per day and let people to just like whatever they want?

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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Up front, increasing the number of likes available to members is an option, and I'm not at all opposed. If we increase the quota, the trick will be in finding the "right" number.

Now we're not going to tell anyone how to use their likes, so what follows are merely my own thoughts and how I use them. This is important because it drives my own input into the discussion of how many likes members my have, as well as potential discussion on what we may increase the quota to.

I give likes to things like:

  • Fully painted armies (minimum three colors and fully based, usually with some level of conversion and higher end of tabletop quality or better)
  • Individual models converted and painted to a high quality (not necessarily Golden Daemon - just indicative of lots of work)
  • Army background that is executed well (e.g., Index Astartes articles, similar backgrounds appended to armies, etc.)
  • Battle Reports that are presented in such a way that I can readily understand how the game progressed, especially if thoughts behind tactics are provided
  • Insightful posts that show both intellectual effort and constructiveness
  • Humorous posts that lighten the mood (generally posts that help steer a topic back into the right direction)
The above could be summarized as me giving likes to posts that show constructive work on the part of the poster, things that enrich the hobby.

More importantly, here are the types of posts to which I don't give likes (these are things that are beyond the obvious posts that don't meet the requirements I've outlined above and which other members give likes to frequently):
  • Mosts posts in the News, Rumors, and Forum Announcements forum, or news/rumors/announcements in other forums.
Yup, that's it. The reason for this is that these sorts of topics/posts aren't indicative of work on the part of the poster (other than learning about whatever it is we're talking about). For example, if GW makes a plastic Thunderhawk and I just happen to be the first person to post pictures of it here at the B&C, I haven't done any real work and don't deserve to have my reputation improved (via likes). GW is the one that has done the work (making the model). I'll make exceptions in that forum when discussion about a rumor leads to someone making a very insightful or constructive post, but you generally won't see me giving a like to the rumor itself.

Now truth be told, I simply don't have the time to go through the entire forum every day like I used to. This means that I don't give out likes to all of the posts that I see that meet my requirements, which is quite unfortunate. However, the limitations on my own time shouldn't mean that other members that have more time than me suffer. And just so we're clear, my own criteria for giving likes shouldn't be taken as how you should give out likes. If you want to give out likes to every post you see that correctly uses a four-syllable word, more power to you.

So the mods/admins will take another look at the number of likes members may give out in a single 24-hour period and determine if we should increase that number, and we'll get back with you soon to let you know the outcome.




The LIKES cap has been increased to 20 per 24 hour period.

The site averages about 973 new posts per day, so this means that members will be able to give a LIKE to one in every 48.65 posts (so about 1 in 50).

We're not going to tell you how to use your LIKES, but you'll have to figure out the criteria that work for you. I've posted my own criteria above, but even among the mods and admins there are different methodologies. Keep in mind, though, that the intent is for you to use your LIKES sparingly, indicating that you think a post is of high quality. LIKES here at the B&C aren't meant to be given out like candy - they are meant to indicate that you really like a post (I was tempted to change the name to "REALLY LIKES" msn-wink.gif ).

In concert with adjusting the LIKES cap, we've adjusted the reputation levels. Previously, we had two levels and they scaled very low. We've increased to five levels, starting much higher and scaling even higher. LIKES contribute to a member's reputation level. So you should give your LIKES out in a way that tells members that the recipient has contributed in a meaningful way to your enjoyment of the hobby. Reputation doesn't earn anyone any privileges - it's merely a rough indicator of how often a member has posted here in a manner that others appreciated significantly.

Please don't LIKE this post - save your LIKES for other things.


"Likes" cap was increased to 20 per day, and that's where it's going to stay.


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