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Eye of Ezekiel

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Personally, I enjoyed the read but was bothered by a glaring, no pun intended, oversight by Dunn.


In the DA Codex and, more specifically, 'Warlords of the Dark Millennium', Ezekiel is described as "always appearing w/ his command squad where most needed, guided by prophetic visions of the ork attacks".


--- The whole daemon sub-plot was so meh, but not as meh as the 'Terminator 2 time travel loop' sequence in the conclusion of The Unforgiven. Seriously, my two favorite legions/chapters are the Dark Angels and Raven Guard and Gav Thorpe has to crap all over them with sub par writing. ADB did a great job with Savage Weapons, and it was only a short story (in addition to the other excellent HH novels he's done).


Dunn's depiction of the slaying of Groblonik also failed to mention that "the flaming blade (axe) met the edge of the Librarian's sword and shattered. Shards of the razor-sharp metal slashed into the warlord's face...the slivers seemed to tear out Groblonik's left eye".


--- I'm ok with this not being mentioned, tbh.


All-in-all. the sub-plot with the AM squad was quite good, as was the Techmarine's character development. I would've liked to see him mentioned more in the epilogue(s). For example, a scene with him being inducted into the DW or RW despite the fact that it isn't normally allowed, for his part in purging the tech-adept and (I'm assuming here) turning over the data slate of the recorded Fallen.


For the Lion and the Emperor!

'Personally, I enjoyed the read but was bothered by a glaring, no pun intended, oversight by Dunn.' - because it usually happens with him. That's not the first case.

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