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Fighting Ynnari for the first time. Need all the advice.

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Master Antaeus

Master Antaeus


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Fighting a 2k game vs Ynnari.  I have watched both miniwargaming games against them using armies way stronger than the way I normally play.


This is what my opponent is bringing:

Wraithknight (probably sword and board)

"other D weapons"


We are fortunately using the ITC variants for D weapons.  I assume I will not be facing a lot of vehicles, but I still have a wraithknight/ton of T6/potentially invisible models to kill.


I have:

A lot of infantry space marines with transports for them.  Not so much bikes or centurions.  I'm about an edition and a half out of date.  Includes forge world units; a contemptor, a deredeo and a sicaran.

Land Raiders (one of each)

Whatever infantry I want (except centurions)

Nearly any amount of rhinos and razorbacks

3 preds

3 vindicators

~30 heroes with various permutations of wargear



A Guard army that would have crushed balls in 5th ed


A Militarum Tempestus (yes) army.


A Knight Paladin


A Knight whatever (weapons not built)


a baneblade


a hellhammer


These are my tools.

Blade of Sigismund

Blade of Sigismund


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It sounds like wraith spam, so the big change he will have from standard wraith spam is the ability to add in Dark Eldar characters with Webway Portals. This allows him to deep strike in without scattering. Main idea is dropping in a unit with D-Scythes, killing a target, and using 'Power From Death' to shoot a second target. He can do 2 of these units in a standard Reborn Warhost.


I would suggest null deploying as much as possible to avoid him having good targets on the turn he drops in. To my knowledge, there is no way for him to drop in before t2 with them, so a skyhammer annihilation force would be good so you could have in go first and drop t2 guarunteed. This would set up an alpha strike.


Once you set the conditions, wraith goes down to grav, and non-grav goes down to bolters.

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