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Where to take my Raven Guard?

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Now, I know that we have access to everything in the Codex, and can deploy things in certain situations to aid the strike and fade.


I'm kind of thinking about adding a unit of bikes to my existing force.  I have a 5-man squad currently, with dual grav+Combi-Grav on the sergeant.


However, I'm not convinced they are the best unit to add in place of a second assault squad, (ignoring the fact that getting the MKIV jump packs is either a trip to Forgeworld or buying a box of sanguinary guards (again).


I'm slowly building towards having a 50-man battle company which gives me the option of running a gladius with free transports, OR, more frequently, a TSF.


I'm building my Tartaros Terminators, Plasma+CF, RAC+CF, 2xTLC, CB+LC.  This is in the hopes of running a 1st Company Task Force for some fearless/fear causing back up.


Units in [X] are optional units where formations are switchable.


Current Formations Available:


Battle Demi Company/Pinion Battle Demi Company.

3x 5-man Tac Squads LC+BP Meltagun (2 Drop Pods 1 Razorback)

1x 5-man Assault Squad LC+BP PP+CS

1x 5-man Devastator Squad 5 HB.

Captain OR Chaplain, Jump Pack(s) Claws/SS+M.

[Contemptor Dreadnought AC+PF Drop Pod (in CAD)]

[5-man Bolter Scouts + LSS]

[10-man Sniper Scouts + Cloaks + LSS]

[3=man Scout Bike Squad]



2x Stormtalons AC+SM

[2x Landspeeders AC+HB]

[Stormraven LC/MM]


Ravenhawk Assault Group

Stormraven LC+MM

Contemptor Dreadnought [AC/MM]+PF

10-man Sternguard Squad 4 Combi-Flamers + Heavy Flamer 4 Combi-Melta + Meltagun


1st Company Strike Force (being built/painted)

5-man Vanguard Veteran Squad PF+LC, 2x TLC, TH+SS, PW+BP

5-man Cataphractii Terminators HF+LC 4x CB+LC + Land Raider

5-man Tartaros Terminators PG+CF, RAC+CF, CB+LC, 2x TLC (being built slowly)


Individual models/units not in formations currently:

5-man Tactical Squad Combi-Plasma, Plasma Gun, Imperial Space Marine

Terminator Librarian

Shadow Captain Shrike/CM Shrike


Not accounted for:

10 BaC marines, aiming for 2x 5-man Tactical Squads Combi-Plasma + Plasma Gun.

20 odd random BaC marines repurposed from IF army.  Possibilities include Assault Marines, Sternguard (adding to 1st Company force)


So, as you can see, I'm kind of lost on where I should take my Ravens next.  I am planning on the following purchases, in an attempt to kick-start what I'm doing.



5-man Heavy Support Squad (I have some FW Lascannons kicking around here I wanna use in my RG).

Random pads for devastators.


I can't really add anything extra to my to-buy list yet.  However, any input would be appreciated, especially on the random marines and bikes idea.


Claws and Effect

Claws and Effect


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I'm looking into a Techmarine on a bike with a Conversion Beamer and 2 minimum bike squads with melta or grav to cover my bare minimum requirements for a CAD, which will feature a Fire Raptor and a squad of Tempests.

It doesn't necessarily help your decision much, but I decided I wanted some bikers on hand just to give me some flexibility in what I field. It might not be a bad idea for you to do the same.

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The bike squad is a good addition if you already have it.

Id consider another squad of assault marines. If only to bubble wrap murderwings. Or fluff reasons.

Id also consider some sternguard and rhinos too.

I mean at this point it almost for hobby pleasure and being able to make fun lists right?

Maybe some of those new Kromlech quad guns? ;)
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Race Bannon

Race Bannon


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I can't help myself but to add to the chorus: finish the bikes.  Having them as an option actually expands possibilities to you because they are prominent in the White Scar formations that (to me) seem very Raven Guard-y.


Bouncing from this, I would replace Corax ( eek.gif ) on the planning list with more bikes: Scout Bikes specifically.  Again, for tactical flexibility and to change up hobbying (new word!) boots on the ground.  Any leftover cash from the Corax investment can either go back into "rainy day for Corax fund" and into another vehicle or a TFC.

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