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Doghouse's 40k Stuff - The converting of Primaris begins...

Shadow War: Armageddon

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Cheers guys. smile.png


Sorry about the lack of progress but I've been ill for the last few months and although I'm on the mend I'm not really back to full steam just yet, still have a few problems with the tablets. I'm far from my normal self at the moment but I'm slowly getting there. Still a bit hard to concentrate or focus so bare with me. :D


Doghouse, can I ask how you're handling the collars? Sculpting and transferring them have both been...a headache so far.


The collars on mine all I did was cut the front part of the collar in half so it's level with just above the neck. So far I've found the arms and hands are a tad bit on the small side. Mk3 arms do tend to give the impression of being larger though and work quite well.




So just a few bits to begin with while I get myself sorted and wait for the inevitable... 






So first off I'm working on some T'au bits at the moment because I'm a bit Primaris'd out right now and it does make a nice change of pace. This is the first Ghostkeel I'm working on, it is actually a really nice kit to play around with and I can see where it has influenced the Redemptor dreadnought in terms of putting it together.

Right now I've base coated it and need to go over the brown with the Tau Light Ochre but I have started blending the white on the helmet.




It's a little tricky trying to plan for this army with the codex no where to be seen at the moment and I can already see some changes coming for the likes of characters in general so I want to avoid the commander spam lists.

This next guy isn't really up to my usual standard and I may redo him from scratch but I wanted something a little different and maybe a bit more controversial for my Cadre Fireblade.



The idea is this guy was one of the Un-numbered, a grey shield. He is from a time when the Imperium was at it's height and was awoken into basically the worst case scenario for the future of an existing Imperium. Although I will detail his exploits in greater detail at some point the long and the short of is it that he's been captured, put back together by a race that doesn't understand his construction and turned by the Ethereal class to serve the Greater Good. 


He's still WIP and a bit messy but I have some idea of where he is going and hopefully should be able to finish him. Like I say failing that I'll just make a new one from scratch if I'm not happy with the outcome once I am back on my feet.







I have also been playing around with other options for Primaris officers as I'd like to do little block detachments of various chapters.


These three are a Raven Guard LT to lead a Reiver detachment, Ultramarines LT to lead a Hellblaster ninth company detachment and a Crimson Fists Captain to go with a foot slogger heavy force. The latter may have to have his bolt rifle replaced as I made it before the codex came out, if I can get the store captain I can chuck a plasma pistol on him and use the datasheet from that for him. 









Lastly I've been dabbling with some Necromunda stuff although I may have to have a rethink now I've seen the previews on how to arm them. I'm going for a sort of scavenger theme so these guys will be mostly using scavenged equipment and look a bit more hotch potched than regular gangs. I don't think we'll have access to the full rang of weapons options we are used to so the heavy stubber may have to be swapped out.




I'll update with more once I get the chance. smile.png




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nice work as always buddy.

I really like the idea for your fireblade. Works pretty well!
The Ultramarine Lt looks especially nice, with a really smooth finish

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Great up date I like it all even the Tau thingy .

gallery_70393_10089_14134.png     gallery_45765_11559_21519.png




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So much cool stuff in this update! The tau marine is looking really interesting, looking forward to seeing how you progress with the concept. Great paint jobs on the primaris stuff. But wow those necromunda gangers look amazing. Can't wait to see more of them!


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