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Shadow War Kill Team Background

Shadow War: Armageddon

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I'll be playing a mixed squad composed of differently ranked Space Wolves from my Lost Company.
They'll be on Scout & Sabotage Strike Missions, to prepare for the arrival of the full company. Me and my mates want to play larger, regular 40k matches in between Shadow War missions, with point limits influenced by the Promethean Reserves we have and the actual objectives we ful-filled, territories we control, enemy leaders we injured, etc.

Marines with CC&Pistols will be Blood Claws in Power Armor (thier worse save caused by the bad shape the armors are in and the careless, reckless fighting style they have)
Long Fangs in Carapace Armor for snipers/heavy weapons
Wolf Guard in Carapace for everything else.

And I need a Wolf Priest in a heavy, thick skinned cloak, for when I field a Apothecary.

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Captain Lenoch

Captain Lenoch


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Vs Orks, chaos, or other easily explained forces? Probably standard training missions within the Ocrod sector for my 10th company. (See Dawn blades link in sig for explanation. I think. Not sure if that bit is there yet.) Anything more exotic, like gks, nids, Necrons, or the like? Training exercises with other forces or training sims. Maybe the occasional real mission. *shrug* My brain is fried and I may have better fluff later. Or maybe not. Who knows.

But then again we are Iron Hands, we will use a hammer as a scalpel.


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I'm building a Patrol Team of Adeptus Arbites, Necromunda Precinct 216. I'm hoping to build a campaign against either a Genestealer Cult or Chaos cult.

Personally, I think they are coming. Like a massive electrified thousand ton ball of barbed wire with hundreds of trapped and frustrated gamers embedded in it, rolling down a hill. "That, Bilbo Baggins, is the sound of inevitability."



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