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//The Descent to Dusk// Vyper's RG Plog and BatRep Journal

- - - - - Lost Sleep Talons Reach ETL Modelling Painting Tactica Raven Guard

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You make good points. Who says that fictional miniature missile launchers fired by posthuman guardians need an ejection port aligned with the barrel?
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Played another game this weekend - took my same list as before, but made some slight adjustments


2000 Points, 10CP (-1CP for an extra Relic, -3CP for Chapter Master Upgrade)


RG Battalion (897 Pts)


Captain - Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield (Chapter Master Upgrade)

LT - Power Maul, Storm Bolter


Scouts - 5 Bolters

Scouts - 5 Bolters

Intercessors - 5 Bolt Rifles


Hellblasters - 9 Plasma incinerator

Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought - 2x Twin Lascannon


RG Vanguard (623 Pts)


Captain - Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield


Aggressors - 6 Boltstorm/Grenade variety

Dreadnought - 2x Twin Autocannon

Dreadnought - 2x Twin Autocannon


Adeptus Custodes Supreme Command Detachment (480 Pts)


Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike - Hurricane Bolter, Auric Aquilis, - WARLORD (Superior Creation)

Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike - Hurricane Bolter, Eagle's Eye

Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike - Hurricane Bolter


My opponents list:


Necron Battalion (Sautekh Code)



Cryptek - Chronometron


Immortals - 5 Tesla 

Warriors - 10

Warriors - 10


Ghost Ark

Ghost Ark


C'tan Shard - Generic one - mortal wound spamming


Outrider Detachment


Imotekh, the Storm Lord


Tomb Blades - 4 Twin Gauss Blasters, +1 Sv, 5+ Invul

6 x Destroyers

6 x Destroyers


I wish I could report this was an advanced game of cat and mouse, with a bulk of tactical thought, but it came to an absolute slugfest in murdertown.


I deployed the bulk of my army just right of my center (near the Center LOS blocking terrain).

He deployed the bulk of his troops/arks in the middle as well (with a unit of Destroyers flanking the core)


We played the standard (roll of a 1 on the table) maelstrom mission.


I lost the roll to see who goes first.


I placed my Hellblasters on my left flank in a high-rise building on the top floor, in cover.

I placed my Aggressors and Chapter Master further up the field near the center behind the LOS blocking terrain.


He started off by advancing his entire army to his left (my right) to match my strength/deployment, with the exception of one unit of Destroyers advanced up my left flank at the Hellblasters. The C'tan did his mortal wound targetting shtick on my Contemptor, which went off, did 3 Mortal Wounds, and then "bounced" to my LT, both dreads, and 2 of the Shield Captains (they were all deployed in a cluster) - Dealing like 8 Mortal wounds spread around those boys...(bad start)


He then proceeded up to open up with the Arks/Warriors on my Aggressors, of which he could only see two. I didn't realize the Sautekh code applied to his vehicles (silly me thinking its Infantry only like Astartes Chapter Tactics, derp). This allowed him to shoot at the Aggressors. However, them being assault (instead of Rapid fire) really reduced the firepower, and he only managed to kill one, and wound another. He burned the Destroyer Stratagem (reroll hits and wounds) on my Hellblasters, and wiped them completely (cue sad Trombone music) 


End of his turn, he scored 1 card and First Bloood


Necrons 2, Raven Guard 0


On my turn I just decided to commit to the meat grinder and see what would happen.


All of my stuff shifted right to meet his advance. My dread trio advanced directly into the heart of the assault.


I opened up with the Aggressors, all 3 Shield Captain Hurricane Bolters, the Contemptor, and one Autocannon dread on the two arks, popping them both. The remaining dread shot into the unit of Destroyers behind this cluster, and knocked two, wounding a third.


In my assault phase, I committed everything. Each Shield Captain took a unit of warriors. My two Thunder Hammer Captains, and my Warlord ripped into the C'tan. 9 Dead Warriors (5 and 4 respectively), and a C'tan, and the center had been cleared. My opponent at at this point has the 12 destroyers, 4 Tomb Blades, 3 HQs, and the 5 Man unit of Immortals camping an objective in LOS blocking terrain. I figured at this point the game is over and I dealt him a crippling blow - oh how wrong I was


I scored 1 card and completed half a defend card - making it 2-1 in favor of the undead shiny bois


On his turn two both Destroyer units zipped over with the character support to reinforce the carnage that had just taken place on the right flank. Both warrior units fell back, and half of the bastards I killed got back up. 


I now had presented my opponent a field of Characters staring down 12 Destroyers, all with a slack jawed look on their faces.  With the new Character Targetting FAQ in place, he basically had his pick of the litter to rip apart who he wanted. He burned the Destroyer stratagem again, and one Shield Captain was toast (the weakest of the 3), another was left bleeding out on two wounds, and I lost all of my Aggressors. (36 Str6, -3AP, D3 Damage shots have a tendency to ruin your day). He also burned Imotekh's AC/DC thunderstruck routine to help in this endeavor.


End of his turn he didn't score anything as he drew a bad bunch of cards, and I scored my "Defend" objective that scouts were parked on.


2-3 in favor of the sneaky bois


My turn two comprised of my committing all-in. I drew Kingslayer, so I committed both of my Captains with Hammers to go after Imotekh. He was cramped into the destroyers, so I had the genius idea to charge within an inch, then pile into the destroyers to tie them up (both units. (more on this later).


My two remaining shield captains went after the two leftover units of Warriors to clean them up.


My scouts on the center objective stepped out into the sunlight, as did my Intercessors, to have both units open up on the Tomb blades on the left flank, having both units in Rapid Fire range. I rolled very well, and my opponent rolled poorly, and 3 of the bikes fell, the last one running on one wound.


My dreads continued to advance up the center/right.


Shooting phase saw my dreads take one unit of destroyers down to one model (I rolled very poorly, and him very well, I should have easily deleted a unit).


My two captains punked Imotek's bitch as and sent him packing. My two shield captains cleaned up in assault what was left after the Hurricane Bolters opened up.


I scored 2 of my cards and had another Defend card that I half-completed


This put me up 2-6 or something like that (warlord, Kingslayer, etc)


On his turn the Destroyers fell back (they have fly, my master strategy fails again (Watching this take place made me feel incredibly stupid). The other destroyer unit had 3 get back up (now back up to 4).


None of the tomb blades got up. The remainder fled back into his deployment zone.


The retaliating fire saw one of captains die (not the CM), and my Shield Captain on 2 wounds bit the dust. In addition the Contemptor hit the dirt.


Now the tables feel oddly turned against me. He has: Cryptek, Lord, one unit of 4 Destroyers, another unit of 5, and 5 Tesla Immortals. I have my Warlord (with 1 wound taken), my JP/Thunder Hammer Chapter Master, both autocannon Dreads (with a smattering of wounds on each), my LT (wounded), and my scouts/intercessors.


He scored his cards and I scored the other half of my defend (again). This made the score 5-8


On my turn 3


My Warlord places himself in between both units of destroyers to charge either.

Hurricane bolters drop a wounded Destroyer from the unit of 4

Dreads kill the other three - that unit gets wiped!


My Chapter Master jumps into the LOS blocking terrain with the immortals. Pops one with a krak grenade, runs in hammer swinging and drops the other 4 - objective secured!


Shield Captain charges the Destroyers, killing two of them. Takes a wound in return.


I drew more cards I could score, in addition to another defend card.


Raven Guard up 5-10


His turn, the unit of Destroyers (now 3 left) falls back. Re-animation rolls - all 3 get back up (sonofabitch). He blows the Destroyer stratagem again, splits his fire, and kills my remaining Shield Captain and one dread. I did NOT expect my shield captain to get punked so easily, which meant my LT was now exposed (he was between both dreads), and he died two both Staff of Lights.


He now has 6 Destroyers and 2 Characters, and I have 2 units of scouts, 1 unit of Intercessors, my Chapter Master, and one autocannon dread barely hanging on for life.


He scores one card, and I score my defend card, Raven Guard leading, 6-12


I drew ANOTHER defend card (ironically the objective I had just taken in his deployment zone with my Chapter Master), and two other cards I could score.


At this point I was faced with a decision - play aggressively and attempt to table him, or play conservatively, and hunker down behind LOS blocking terrain. At this point I had 5 units, it was turn 5, and it would become very difficult for him to kill more than one unit a turn, given LOS/what he had left. I chose to play the conservative route, but we decided to play both outcomes to see if it would make a difference.


It didn't.


Conservative play had me hunker down, score my cards, and the game ended at the end of Turn 5, with Raven Guard winning 8-16.


Reckless play had me charge out with the Chapter Master/Dread, step out of LOS blocking terrain with my remaining troops, and open up. I killed 4 Destroyers in the ensuing fire/assault (I even charged in my dread).


On his turn, the 2 Destroyers fell back, 2 got up. Those 4 killed the Chapter Master and finished the dread. My troops all fell back, and he didn't have the firepower to wipe them.


That outcome ended 9-17 in favor of the Raven Guard as well, on T6.




The list:


I liked the changes I made overall. The Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield captains performed very well, and overall were much more deadly than Shrike (in addition to being cheaper).


I actually preferred the Hurricane loadout on the Shield Captains to the Salvo Launcher - it was 15PPM cheaper and overall I think did more damage than my previous two outings. I did not miss the Misericordias either, so that's good.


I was pretty stoked to run the Contemptor, but overall he was sort of a disappointment. While he did well hitting/wounding, my first round most of his damage was negated by Quantum Shielding. In the following two rounds it managed to pick off a handful of destroyers, which was nice.


My issue with lascannons is how depressing they feel when you roll a one for their damage result (which happened many times). I feel like they should be D3+2 or something like that.


If my list had a few more troops, I think I would feel pretty good about my ability to have the staying power and go the distance. I might consider swapping to a double RG battalion and then the Supreme Command shield captain trio.


I think for the next couple weeks I am going to focus on mono-Raven Guard (or give the CP farming IG detachment a spin)

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Inquisitor Dracos


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Sounds like a great game. Only real thing I see is what I normally see when people have problem with Necrons ... Shoot shoot shoot and then shoot them again until every last bugger in a unit is dead. It’s the one army you can be forgiven for overkill.

I’ve see decade old veteran player do the math in their head (toss me in that group) and then feel gimped when the dice didn’t roll average. I try to always go 20-25% over average. It hurts ignoring those other threats but damn if I don’t see armies make 5+ rolls for whatever like nothing when it’s going to hurt me the worst.

I like the double battalion idea. I’d like it more if my Intercessors has SIA. ;)
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