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//The Descent to Dusk// Vyper's RG Plog and BatRep Journal

- - - - - Lost Sleep Talons Reach ETL Modelling Painting Tactica Raven Guard

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Thanks for all the awesome and kind words guys!


The claws were quite a simple swap. They are the Blood Talons from a Death Company Dread, trimmed and filed down. I ran steel rod trough the fingertips into the claw itself for strength and stability.


I might use a bit of Liquid Greenstuff to smooth out the transition before hitting it with some primer.


@ Dracos: I think you are right, I think Terryn is probably the best. The bonus of doing my own Knightly House is I can play them all and pick one, but I suspect what you are saying is correct (And the competitive scene would agree with you)


@ Bjron: I hadn't given though to a custom name for it, but I can see that now that you mentioned it. I like the reference to Krueger, it really does look like a monster version of his, doesn't it? 


I had considered using plastic for my basis to make a more curved claw so it appears talon-like, but after laying out the gauntlet and looking at it, the length of the fingers seemed prohibitive to this (I assumed it would just look goofy). It's hard to tell from the photo, but I left the "thumb" longer than the 3 fingers to attempt to simulate how most raptor species have a longer "dew-talon" than their three others. (Is dew-talon even a term? I don't know the biology term for the single opposite facing talon, like a dew-claw on a cat).


@ Race: wub.gif

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That is an immense looking conversion - that'll look properly menacing on a completed Knight.



As for a name, how about, rather than: The Paragon Gauntlet, perhaps The Accipitridae Talon  ??

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Race Bannon

Race Bannon


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Corvus Talon?

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Brother Quixote

Brother Quixote


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The single opposite facing toe is known as the 'hind toe' on a bird, so 'hind talon' maybe?

I'm not a bird expert at all but these little things get in my head and I must find out.


Yes, I learned something from the internet today.


Love the conversion too.  Namewise a something 'Talon' has my vote but I'm struggling to be creative today.


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