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Chapter size

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Lord Ragnarok

Lord Ragnarok


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Oh man, I hate loose ends. I really wish they would make it definitive. You are small but kick more ass, you have no successors but you have more marines in your chapter vs another first founding chapter or successor which can rely on successors. 

"This is not the first time you've been left to fate. I can see it in your manner. It takes something from you doesn't it? Being deserted hollows you out and leaves a void inside. People might say that it hurts, that the psyche aches from the wound. It's not true though. Abandonment does not leave pain. You wished it did because that would be better than the truth. It leaves nothing. Not hope, not pain, not forgiveness."

Wolf Guard Dan

Wolf Guard Dan


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Whoa. Thanks for giving some insight ADB. It's cool to get someone with more knowledge to contribute to the dialogue.


It is fun to debate stuff like this but sometimes the arguments are moot. In certain instances they fluff they leave enough grey area and contradiction to allow us as hobbyists some slack when we create our armies. And sometimes there may not be any agreement either. ADB shared that sometimes his solicited info from higher-ups contradicts. 


I enjoy that Company numbers are fluid and even with the outlines of the rules they've given us they have allowed that fluidity.


BY RUSS AND THE ALLFATHER ADB! You may have opened up a can of worms by sharing that "I've had others that say there actually has to be Successor Chapters of the Wolves, somewhere." It makes a lot of sense to me though. It is a big galaxy. And one of the best things about 40k is that you can do whatever you want with your miniatures because if you can think of it it's probably possible.

*wolf howl*!!!!
'It takes a vast amount of control to be this dangerous.' -Prospero Burns

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