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Inspirational Friday 2017: The Witch (until 5/26)

Kierdale Inspirational Friday Inspirational Friday 2017

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For those who do not know it, Inspirational Friday is a fortnightly weekly event within its home in the Chaos Space Marines forum, in which a topic is set for members to write short (or long if the muse takes you) fluff/fan-fic pieces about their war bands, characters and models.
As the next challenge is also applicable to the Lost and the Damned forum, I’m posting this here as an invitation.

Here begins our tenth challenge of Inspirational Friday 2017:
The Witch
The rogue or unsanctioned psyker.
The human mind is a tender fruit, ripe for corruption and consumption by the denizens of the Warp, or perhaps one might be strong enough, burn brightly enough, to draw the attention and favour of one of the Gods: to amuse them and become their pawn for a time, perhaps even allowed to dream of elevation to daemonhood.
In this IF theme we look at the Witch: be they an Imperial psyker that has gone wild, pushed too far or been corrupted, or one who was never discovered by one of the Black Ships. Perhaps they discovered their abilities of their own accord, were tutored by others of their ilk (well-meaning or otherwise) or were corrupted by a voice from beyond the veil. What are their goals, their desires, their powers? Who are their foes and allies, and what fate awaits them?
Tell us this time a tale of the Witch.

Inspirational Friday: The Witch runs until the 26th of May.

Let us be inspired.

The greatest piece, most fitting the topic, will earn rewards. Not only the Octed amulet...
...but also the honour of judging who wins the next Inspiration Friday (the latter of which you can relinquish to me if you wish).

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