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A return. Decade in the making.

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I have been here under WAY TOO MANY NAMES I just realized. Mostly because of abandoned Email addresses, sometimes that flair for the dramatic.
I began here back during the Eye of Terror campaign, where I was known as Wolf Lord Danek. As Danek Beowulf (a hilariously juvenile and unimaginative Wolflord name in retrospect) I ran 13th Company, and truth be told the death of that armylist was likely the first of a thousand cuts that led to me leaving the hobby.

Others may know me as -][-Danek-][-, where I posted some of the first super serious Deathwatch pictures here. Multiple kill teams, my Deathwatch Grandmaster Danek, even a Land Speeder. I remember some members being most fond of that project, like Blindhamster. Is he still around? I always wondered if he created a Deathwatch army afterall.

Most however would know me best as (the equally juvenile and uncreative) Lord Knightmare, of the Re-Inventing Fear project. Back when Nightlords were Batman knock-offs in silly bat winged helmets Nihm (is Nihm around??) and I changed the perception of the legion before ADB came along and wrote his masterful novels.

I think I popped up here and there on these forums since, but honestly I have been out of the hobby since -2006-.

But Shadow War: Armageddon and 8th has me intrigued again, and in truth thanks to this very community that encouraged my old projects and growth I know have a NEW project I'm working on. Free of concerns of it being tampered with in terms of fluff. A gift from this board to me, that I intend to (hopefully!) repay with mutual inspiration in regards to what I do with it.

Until I start that topic in the WiP forum I just wanted to catch up with the old friends, say hello to the future friends and thank Argus and Kurgan for keeping this place STILL going after all these years. I promise what I have planned won't let you down guys.

- Alex

Aka Viddik.

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In this dark hour
The Great Architect changes the game
To the knowledge of no one
From the Cicatrix Maledictum
Where the veil is thinnest
Somet͎͎̭̥̹̫̜͕̅̇͑̇̀́⃟h̢̯̹̲̙̊⃗̽ͭi⃘̲̪̮̗͇༙͗ͪ̒̓͊n̸̗̏g̹̥̙̬͎͕̔ͩ͢ h̦̼̫̞̺͆ͬͮ͛ͧͩ̅ͫa̶̡̹̜̝̹̭̟͎ͨͩͥ́̓̃ͅs̻̣͓̪͙̏⃗ͪͧ͐́ͅ ă̹̜̝̦̱ͦ⃗᷈̃̇ͥ̀꙰r⃘̸̬͚̀͆ͩr͔͈̞̓̀̐͂̅́̀́i̠͚̭͓̱̠̅̾͒͆ͮ̊̓̚⃟͜v̯͔̞̝͈༙̞̣̈ͪê͙̼͉͖͚d̜͔̝̞̰̗̥̓⃖͛ͅ⃣.....

Brother Dallo

Brother Dallo


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Welcome back. Always nice to see hobby veterans returning to the fold.



So yeah, long story short.

Dallo <- Blame that guy.

  Obscura, on 08 Mar 2016 






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Welcome back! I think you picked the right time to return. :D

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