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750pt Video Batrep - Chaos Vs Deathwatch

Deathwatch Space Marines Chaos Chaos Space Marines CSM Plague Marines Daemons Video

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Monday has come and smacked us right in the face yet again ... To help you roll with the punches, how about a brand-new Glacial Geek Battle Report?! https://youtu.be/sgwthF_9h7A This week my Deathwatch take on the forces of Chaos! When an Imperial planet is suddenly besieged by an alien menace, the Xenos Hunters themselves, the Deathwatch, are called in to handle the situation. These are the best of the best and purging the alien. But when they discover symbols dedicated to the Dark Gods of Chaos within the colonies of these aliens they realize that there is more to this than first assumed. While investigating these leads, a Deathwatch Kill Team is ambushed by the forces of Chaos that had been orchestrating this elaborate xenos invasion. Will the Deathwatch be able to beat back the heretical enemy for long enough to get off a signal to their Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus allies, or will the forces of Chaos prove too potent for them to handle? Watch and find out! 

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Glacial Geek YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/c/TheGlacialGeek

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Great to see you still doing the Deathwatch games Phil. I  enjoyed it and hope to see some good changes for these guys in 8th. I've heard some of the studio guys are starting them for 8th so that's a good sign!


Also saw your ITC prep game... that was a very, very amusing game to watch. I literally laughed along with some of those wretched roles you both had! Looks like a good time was had by all.

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