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BT and IG: Yarrick and Helbrecht's Wild Party

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Apologies, mods, since this is a list with units from two factions, I'll be double posting this in both the Astra Militarum section and the Marines section.


In 7th edition I ran BT and guard together, and that's a combo I'd like to see keep going, especially as my guard are painted in Templar colors. It's a little harder with higher vehicle costs, but a little easier with the keyword Imperium. Anyway, here's what I've got.


EDIT: I suppose I should mention this is a 2000 point list :P


Double Battalion detachment for 6 HQs, 6 Troops, and a total of 9 command points.


Helbrecht 170


Pask in executioner with lascannon, storm bolter, and plasma cannon sponsons 249


Tank Commander in Punisher with lascannon, Heavy stubber, and heavy bolter sponsons 227


Company commander 30


Yarrick 130


Company commander 30

Crusader Squad 9 initiates, 1 SB, 5 Neophytes. 2 power swords, plasma gun 206
LRC With multimelta, storm bolter, and hunter killer missile 312
Guardsmen squad, Heavy bolter, plasma gun 55


Guardsmen squad, Heavy bolter, plasma gun 55


Guardsmen squad, Heavy bolter, plasma gun 55


Guardsmen squad, Heavy bolter, plasma gun 55


Conscripts 50 man squad 150


Manticore Hunter killer missile 139


Wyvern 99 Hunter killer missile


Commissar 31


Basic battle strategy is composed of several waves. The first wave shall be all the Templars in the Land Raider, charging forward. The Second wave, a conscript line, guarded by a commissar, with Pask and the other Tank commander chilling nearby them. Third Battle line, the guardsmen squads, all set up in range of Yarrick buff bubbles. The company commanders will roam about, issuing orders where needed. The final line will be the Manticore and the Wyvern, ideally also in range of Yarrick's buffs, wut it isn't the end of the world if they aren't. 
In the event I'm facing a foe with heavy deepstrike, I can sacrifice getting some troops into Yarrick's bubble in order to make sure that no one can deepstrike more than 9 inches away, unless they do so outside my lines. 

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8th edition win-lose record.





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Theory looks good, as there's plenty of models on the table which sounds solid. It's also a good point on deep striking - due to the limitations it's entirely possible to prevent anyone deep striking where you don't want then ;)

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