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=][= Rules of the Bolter & Chainsword =][=

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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Welcome to the Bolter & Chainsword!

Before participating here, make sure that you have read the following rules; and make sure to follow them when you participate.

The most important thing to understand is the purpose of the Bolter & Chainsword, as expressed in our mission statement:


The Bolter & Chainsword exists to help people better enjoy and understand the Warhammer 40,000 hobby and games set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe through constructive discussion.

All of the rules that follow are built upon the foundation of the mission statement. Note that many of our forums have additional guidelines (which are also built upon our mission statement), and you should be sure to read them also before posting.These rules are basic common sense stuff here folks and we don't think we are asking too much for everyone to follow them. If you have concerns or questions about any of the rules please contact the forum moderator(s), the custodes, or the administrators.


-The Staff of B&C
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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


  • 22,966 posts
  • Location:The Temple of Oaths
  • Faction: VIIth Legion

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The site is structured around the current edition of the Warhammer 40,000 game, but all games set in the Warhammer 40,000 game universe are supported here.

In addition, while much of the core language used here is based around the core faction of Space Marines for which the site was first created, all factions of the Warhammer 40,000 game universe may be discussed here.


The Bolter & Chainsword promotes constructive discussion about all aspects of the Warhammer 40,000 hobby. While the most recognizable content is the discussions, the term "content" applies to everything available here, including galleries, downloads, signatures, status updates, etc.

This is a public forum that is viewed by members from a wide range of age groups and cultural backgrounds. Please be considerate of others when composing your content (content includes posts, private messages, emails, reports, etc.). Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to:
  • modeling and painting
  • army composition/list building
  • tactics and game play
  • rules queries
  • battle reports
  • background (also known as "lore" or "fluff")
  • official products (models, games, books, etc.)
  • Warhammer 40,000 and Games Workshop events
  • fan fiction and artwork
  • et cetera

Since our intent is for constructive discussion among fellow hobbyists from around the world and across all age groups, there are some restrictions in place to keep the forum a fun and safe place to discuss the hobby.

No swearing/profanity
  • Anything that can be said via swearing/profanity can be expressed in other terms, often far more articulately. Many words/terms are automatically filtered by the board software, replacing them with acceptable substitutes. Note that the "no swearing/profanity" rule includes all forms and mediums - written, oral (i.e., videos with audible profanity), visual (e.g., graphics with legible profanity) - and similarly includes abbreviations and substitutions (i.e., using alternate characters) as well as obscene gestures.
  • If you feel that swearing/profanity is the only way to accurately express yourself, a number of emoticons are available, especially "censored" emoticon censored.gif.
No obscenity/pornography
  • Sexually graphic content, whether written, audible, or visual, has no place here. Similarly, links to sexually graphic content are forbidden here. Posting obscenity/pornography or links to such content will subject you to summary banning from the site.
  • Note that there is room for some material that might be considered suggestive, generally where the followers of Slaanesh are concerned. Examples include some models and artwork (e.g., portrayals of daemonettes). The lines here are highly subjective, however, and discretion is advised. When in doubt, either don't post such material or contact an administrator/moderator first.
No disrespectful behavior (trolling, flaming, derogatory terms)
  • Trolling is being a jerk on the internet simply because you can. This is typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on someone else, because it's the internet and, hey, you can (because they can't punch you in the face through the computer, even if you deserve it). Another form of trolling is posting material simply to provoke a negative response from others.
  • Flaming is engaging in or deliberately provoking heated argument online, usually involving personal attacks.
  • Derogatory terms are generally terms used to insult someone else, often on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, spiritual/religious beliefs, etc.
None of these types of behaviors are conducive to constructive discussion. There are going to be times when you disagree with someone and/or when you dislike someone or something, but you either need to express yourself constructively or you need to ignore/stay out of the discussion.

You don't have to actually respect everyone and everything, but you must treat them with respect here at the Bolter & Chainsword.

Just remember Wheaton's Law and live by it. msn-wink.gif

No foreign languages or chat/"leet" speak

Our members come from around the world and all age groups. The intent of discussion here is for everyone to be able to participate. This site is an English language site (we don't all talk good English, mind you msn-wink.gif ). Using foreign languages or things like chat/"leet" speak prevent many of our members from understanding, so they are not allowed. We don't expect perfect English, however, so please be understanding. Conversely, be tolerant of different styles of communication. Some of us are simply more blunt than others, and this is sometimes due to cultural norms (especially those of us from low context societies) and not necessarily because we're jerks.

No spamming

Spam isn't simply multiple identical posts across the forums, it also includes pointless, off-topic or smart-alec posts anywhere on the board. Remember, the B&C is here to promote constructive discussion of the 40K hobby and anything not contributing to this may be considered spam and deleted. Repeat offenders may also be subject to corrective action for such behaviour.

No trading or selling posts

Trading and selling aren't bad in and of themselves, but we don't want the drama that comes when trades or sales go bad.

No intellectual property (IP) violations

We enforce whatever Games Workshop allows with regard to usage of their IP. This applies to all Games Workshop products and subsidiaries. Refer to Games Workshop's website for their IP guidance.
Where third parties are concerned, we will similarly enforce whatever they provide with regard to using their IP. Again, refer to their sites.
When in doubt, less is better.

No software cracks

Whether requested or offered, software cracks are expressly forbidden here. This applies to any form of Warez or illegal downloading of any software, but particularly that related to GW Games will result in an immediate ban on your account.

No excessive points values in army lists or discussions

This means that you may not post Army Builder print outs (or those from similar products) or fully detailed points/stats for your army lists. Keep it simple, such as "Chapter Master; Terminator armour, storm bolter, thunder hammer; 285 pts" or similar.

No off topic discussions

We're here to discuss the hobby, not politics, nationalism, religion, sexuality or moral/ethical debates (or cars, or sports, or the latest movie, etc.).

Disruptive behavior

Disruptive behavior, even when it does not break forum rules, is grounds for warnings and further corrective action. While we welcome constructive criticism and certainly do not expect everyone to love GW, if all you ever post is negativity, off topic posts or anything else that consistently disrupts discussions, then your posts and privileges will be dealt with accordingly. Such action includes the full range of official corrective action, including banning.

No threadomancy/necro-posting

If a thread has not had a post in over 90 days please DO NOT post to bump that thread back up unless you are the OP and are adding to your original thread. Asking when the next update from the OP is or saying "cool" (or something similar) does nothing for the thread. In all likelihood the OP hasn't been on in all that time and won't see it anyway. If you want to tell them "cool" or ask a question about their post then please PM them and wait for a reply. If they then go and "reactivate" their thread then you are free to start posting again. Otherwise we consider this the foul black heresy of Threadomancy (also known as "necro-posting"), and such posts will be deleted in order to let the dead stay where they belong.

Posts, signatures, private messages (PM), e-mails, and status updates that break these restrictions may be edited or deleted without notice. If you feel a post is violating the forum rules, please don't put on a tin-moderator-badge from that new box of Cocoa Puffs you just got at the store. Simply use the REPORT button. This will notify all the mods of that particular forum of the issue.

Note that trading/selling is the only restricted practice that is allowed via members' signatures, allowing follow-on contact via PM or e-mail.
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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


  • 22,966 posts
  • Location:The Temple of Oaths
  • Faction: VIIth Legion

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Anyone is able to view and read the Bolter and Chainsword forums (except folks who are banned). However, registering as a forum member opens up a host of other options and resource utilities for you.

There are a few rules in regards to user accounts that must be followed though:


Members are allowed to have only a single account here at the Bolter & Chainsword. If you create multiple accounts and get caught, the most recent account(s) will be deleted. Accounts may not have objectionable names, and account names are subject to change if they throw the formatting of the board off. Also, usernames that impersonate influential members of the hobby (GW employees, well-known artists, or even the staff here at the Bolter & Chainsword) are not allowed and will be deleted. Further disciplinary action may be taken if the staff think it is appropriate.


When you sign up for an account at the B&C you are asked to create a USERname and a DISPLAYname:
  • USERname - This is the name by which you'll log in to the site.
  • DISPLAYname - This is the name that will be visible to other members and will often be the "identity" you establish here.
Most characters (letters, numbers, special characters) can be used in both names. However, if your DISPLAYname ends with a number or special character, the member BBCode won't work properly (follow the link for an explanation). Note that spaces can be included in your DISPLAYname (as in mine), so you don't have to use underscores if you don't want to.

Your USERname and DISPLAYname do not have to be the same. Think carefully on what you want your DISPLAYname to be. We rarely change a member's DISPLAYname without good reason.

Typical reasons for changing a DISPLAYname are:
  • Name is too long and throwing off thread formating. This is usually fixed by simply adding spaces or removing underscores.
  • Name contains offensive material.
  • Name is too close to another user's name. If confusion is caused by your name being close to an existing member's name, you may be asked to change it.
  • Misspelling. Sometimes in the rush to register an account a user might hit the wrong key and wind up doing something like spelling Rogue as Rouge. In cases like this we can often fix that with a quick reset of the DISPLAYname. This may not be possible if there is already a DISPLAYname like it on the forums. In that case you will be asked to choose a new DISPLAYname.
  • A DISPLAYname impersonates an important person in the hobby, typically a member of Games Workshop's staff (including associated companies such as Black Library and Forge World).
Reasons that a name change is usually turned down include but are not limited to:
  • I'm bored with this name.
  • I don't play this army anymore and want to change.
  • I named myself after a character who is now dead.

These provide members with a means of personalizing their posts, as well as giving other members an immediate visual identifier. The Bolter & Chainsword has a number of "stock" avatars available through the Control Panel. Avatars can also be linked from members' galleries (please link only from your own gallery, not other members' galleries) and web sites. There are also blank templates available so that members can personalize avatars via our DOWNLOADS area. You can have pretty much any image you wish as your avatar. Avatars which violate board rules by being inappropriate will be removed and the user notified. Repeated notifications may result in a warning being issued.


You can send private messages (PMs) and e-mails to other members of the Bolter & Chainsword. While the board has little control over the content of these messages, you are still expected to abide by the forum rules with regard to content and how you treat your fellow members. Using the PM feature in ways that violate board rules (including flaming, advertising, etc.) is subject to appropriate punishment.


Membership has its advantages as well though. biggrin.gif

Becoming a member at the B&C allows you to do the obvious basics of starting topics, replying in discussions, using the search functions, and making use of the Private Message system. Other benefits also come from registering at the B&C:
  • The ability to subscribe to forums and threads and the ability to be notified via email of replies.
  • Access to the Downloads
  • Create your own Gallery.
  • Submit sites to and access the Links.
The Downloads area is where you can get useful tools to help in the creation of your own Warhammer 40,000 armies, spice up your army list presentations, or get new wallpapers for your computer. The content of the Downloads area is 100% member-generated. If you would like to have something in the Downloads area for all to use, please contact an administrator or moderator.

The Gallery is available in order to facilitate the documentation of your Warhammer 40,000 collection and hobby activities. The B&C offers the ability to host pictures of your Warhammer 40,000 images in a personal gallery.

You may only have one gallery. The size of your gallery is limited, so keep that in mind when you are resizing your pictures.

Please note that the Downloads and Gallery are subject to the normal board rules and are considered to be kept on topic at all times. Content that is not related to the Warhammer 40,000 hobby will be removed.

The Links area is where you can submit any 40k related website. Any registered member can submit a site, however it is put into an approval queue that the mods go through daily before approving the site.


Membership at the Bolter and Chainsword is entirely free. However if you would like to donate in a monetary fashion, you can make a donation via the Donations area at the top of the main forum page. The full amount you donate through the various subscription offers goes towards improvements and upkeep of the website.

Your donations help the B&C to bring you more of the content and management systems that you want, all with the goal of helping you to enjoy the Warhammer 40,000 hobby.

Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


  • 22,966 posts
  • Location:The Temple of Oaths
  • Faction: VIIth Legion

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There are several user groups that make up the membership of the Bolter & Chainsword. A users group will remain constant no matter how many posts or how old the account is. The only way your user group will change is if you are asked to be a moderator. Your account still may change based off various permissions masks set up for group functions like world wide campaigns and the Arena of Death, but those will not change your visible user group.


The Administratum (administrators) are the board members who take care of the day-to-day operations of the board. This includes approving new accounts, account edits and corrections, general forum trouble shooting and where necessary disciplinary actions. Admins set board policy and dispense the highest levels of discipline when it arises (banning, removing a ban, deleting an account, etc.)

The Admin Group includes Brother Argos who is the site owner. If you have any issues with mods please contact an admin first but if you'd rather not speak to an admin then Brother Argos is who you need to contact.


These are active moderators on the site. They are charged with helping things to run smoothly within their assigned forums. Moderators are participants first and policemen second. They would prefer to just discuss their chosen army, but if necessary, will issue warnings and take other actions as necessary. Outside of their assigned forums, a moderator is just like any other member of the board.


These are back up for the Moderati. The Custodes are essentially global moderators, but their primary duty is to pour water on any hot spots that may flare up until a moderator can arrive. This generally means turning a thread/post invisible to the public until that forum's mods can take a better look at it. They do have the ability to issue warnings, however, should an infraction require it.

Moderati and Custodes enforce the board policy as determined by the Administratum.


This is the most important member group, and the largest. This group is made up of the every day users of the website and is the group you are assigned to upon completing registration. Without the Frater Domus members, there would be no Bolter & Chainsword.


These are forum members who were moderators at one time in their past, but who have retired from active moderator duty. While they hold no "position of authority" you can consider them to be old hands that can assist you with questions and can help get word to the current moderators should the need arise. If they suggest you are acting out of line, you would do well to heed their call.


These are members who were tasked with managing the Librarium and its discussion forum. The Librarium no longer exists, however, and these members are treated in much the same way as Moderati Cedo.

Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


  • 22,966 posts
  • Location:The Temple of Oaths
  • Faction: VIIth Legion

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Signatures may include images up to 990 pixels in width by up to 100 pixels in height and up to ten lines of text. See below for details on both.


Minimize “signal to noise” so that members can focus on the content (posts/replies, the “signal”) while still allowing members a degree of freedom to express their individuality, primary personal links, etc. (signature, the “noise”).

This update primarily focuses on the rules for images in signatures while clarifying other elements of signatures.

Members are encouraged to use their “About Me” page for more personal expression, allowing them to reduce signature content.


The standard “family-friendly” rules for B&C content apply, though image content is not restricted to B&C content (i.e., you may include non-WH40K stuff in your images). In addition, your signature is an acceptable place to “advertise” (Internet auction sites, stuff you’re selling/looking for (as long as the stuff is WH40K stuff), etc.). Exercise common sense.


Your signature may include up to ten lines of normal size text. Normal size text is the default font size or smaller. If you use larger text (anything size 4 (14 points) or larger), the line count decreases correspondingly. You can see the relative font sizes here.


The total area of images as they appear on the screen* is up to 990 pixels in width by up to 100 pixels in height.


A single image 990x100 would appear as:


Alternately, you may have multiple images separated vertically by text:

Thought for the day: Obey your orders.

Alternately, you may have multiple images separated horizontally by text:


Thought for the day: Obey your orders.

I’ve only used two images in each of the examples above, but you may use more images, if desired (but read the rest of the rules below before you get carried away).



The “total image display area” of 990 pixels in width by 100 pixels in height includes any text and negative space that separates images. So everything within the rectangular area of all images in your signatures counts.
So while you may have two 495x100 images displayed side by side and immediately adjacent to each other, as…


…you may not have the same images separated horizontally by text, as…

gallery_26_548_1839.gifOops! This is too wide. Images are "soft returned" and create additional image height.gallery_26_548_5347.gif

…and while you may have two 990x50 images displayed top/bottom and immediately adjacent to each other, as…


..you may not have the same images separated vertically by text, as…

Oops! This is too tall.



Certain elements of BBCodes count as images for the purpose of these rules. These include background color, captions, headers (both full and half), hidden content, quotes, sidebars, spoilers. The reason for this is that these BBCodes, while generally applying to text, create image-like content in the signature. Note that by quotes we mean only the quote BBCode – you may quote someone as pure text without it counting as an image. Also note that hidden content and spoilers will be evaluated when clicked/open.


If your signature is found to be non-compliant with these rules, you may receive a PM from a moderator. If no action is taken, or if the admins catch it, we will simply enclose it in the code tags and a note that the signature is non-compliant, as:

Signature non-compliant with B&C rules
[color=red]Oops! This is too tall.[/color]
We used to make adjustments to signatures and/or send messages identifying non-compliance and recommended corrective action, but there were so many non-compliant signatures that this became a chore that took up way too much time (taking away from our time to enjoy the site). So the expectation is that you will check these rules and adjust your signature accordingly. If you find your signature in the spoiler tags and are unable to identify the problem after reviewing these rules, feel free to contact one of the administrators (Brother Tyler is usually the signature enforcer) and ask for clarification.

Note that we don’t generally apply warnings for signature non-compliance with regard to image dimensions and text, but repeated violations may earn you a warning point (you’ll receive a message if this happens, so don’t worry about it if you don’t see anything other than the spoiler tags). Warnings may be issued if your content violates the forum rules, however.

If you see a member whose signature appears to be non-compliant with these rules, be a pal and send them a PM letting them know. Be polite and friendly – your goal is to help them avoid the angst of dealing with the mods/admins. Such communications should come across as, “You may want to fix this before the mods/admins notice” (and not “fix this or I’ll report you to the mods/admins”). This should be one friend hooking another friend up, not tin badge moderation. Alternately, you can report the member with a note that their signature doesn’t comply with the forum rules (or if the member doesn’t fix the signature). The mods/admins will take it from there.

It should be noted that members that don't desire to view signatures have that option in their settings.

* Using a “lowest common denominator” concept, our signature rules are based on a web standard screen resolution of 1366x768 (it is assumed that mobile device users are using the mobile skin, which doesn’t display signatures).
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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


  • 22,966 posts
  • Location:The Temple of Oaths
  • Faction: VIIth Legion

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You may have noticed there are no banner ads on the B&C. Nor is there an 'advertise your site here' section to the forums. This isn't because the B&C doesn't like other sites or stores. In fact we believe those to be an important part of the overall 40k Community.

We even have some Bolter and Chainsword contest sponsors that we mention every chance we get:

Griffon/Greenfield Games
Fighting Pirannha Graphics
DragonForge Design

What we don't want, however, is members having to sift through pages of advertisements or flashy banner ads just to get to content on the site. As such, advertising is only allowed as follows:

Content that you would like to advertise must be related to the Warhammer 40,000 hobby, which includes general miniatures tabletop wargames. So commission painting services, appropriately scaled scenery, custom dice, and other things are appropriate. Online auctions are only allowed in your signature. Also, advertising external sites will only be permitted if they don't use adult language/content.

There are two ways that you may advertise here at the Bolter & Chainsword:

The first way is to request permission to make a topic through a moderator or administrator. If permission is granted, it is generally along with the instructions to start a single topic (or add to your existing advertising topic), no bumping, and from then on out simply include a link in your signature. This is so we can review the content of the site and make sure it isn't something objectionable being posted. Some things such as commission painting services, third party bit/model sources, and podcasts may be allowed to post updates, as long as the update material is appropriate to the Bolter & Chainsword.

The second way is to have links to your store/auctions/forums/etc. in your signature so long as they are not large size text or otherwise obtrusive to general posting. It is at moderators discretion to edit or removed links if they find the material to be questionable.

Making an advertising topic/post without permission will subject your topic/post to Exterminatus and its removal from the site.

Using the Bolter & Chainsword's private message or e-mail functions to advertise your own site is not allowed. Such a practice is essentially using the resources of the Bolter & Chainsword for other web sites and is inappropriate. Violations of this will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

As far as other sites are concerned, we fully support other sites, even those that could be considered "competition". Different sites cater to different players, and no one site can hope to cater to all players. The Internet allows for a lot of freedom and variety, and any site that furthers the WH40K game and gaming community deserves the chance to succeed.
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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


  • 22,966 posts
  • Location:The Temple of Oaths
  • Faction: VIIth Legion

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Remember that posting at the Bolter & Chainsword (or any other forum for that matter) is a privilege, not a right. Those who abuse the privilege will find that privilege revoked. You aren't required to like the rules, but you are required to follow them.

Corrective action is taken by Moderators, Custodes, or Administrators (the "staff") when a member has broken the rules of the Bolter & Chainsword.

Wherever possible, the staff enforces board policy through guidance and example. If violations are identified, the staff will take the appropriate action. This action might be a warning in the thread, editing replies in order to remove the violation, or sending a message by PM or e-mail. Deletion of posts will be taken only when necessary.

The staff may also turn a thread/post invisible for a time to get feedback from other Moderators on whether an issue requires a warning or simple redirection.

Getting a PM from a mod doesn't necessarily equate to a warning. Many times a moderator will PM a person who is breaking the rules and both identify the problem behavior as well as provide guidance that the member should refrain from doing it in the future. Official warnings will ALWAYS be accompanied by a PM stating which rule(s) has been broken and the fact that you've been officially warned for your actions.

These PMs will detail the infraction and the course of action being taken against your account.


In general, progression of warnings will be as follows:
  • 1st Warning - Warning PM
    We consider this just a 'nudge'. You've broken a rule. Don't do it again or more severe penalties will be applied.
  • 2nd Warning - 3 day suspension of posting
    The offender can still see the board, but they cannot post during their suspension.
  • 3rd Warning - 7 day suspension of posting, followed by 7 days on Moderator Preview
    The offender can still see the board, but they cannot post during their suspension. Whilst on Moderator Preview, any post made by the offender must be approved by a Moderator before it becomes visible to other members, this allows us to ensure the rules are being followed properly by the offender.
  • 4th Warning - 14 day suspension of account
    The offender can neither see nor post to the board. 30 days moderator preview.
  • 5th Warning - Permanent ban
    At this point you have broken the rules enough and been given enough second chances that your presence on the B&C is no longer welcome. Your account will be banned within 48 hours.
The Administrators reserve the right to take any disciplinary action they deem necessary, including actions outside the chain listed above and banning members with fewer than 5 Warnings as and when they deem necessary.

People that are banned may be allowed back at the discretion of the Administratum. During a set period of time, these previously banned people will be given the ++PENITENT++ title. This title is temporary and indicates that the individual is on probation. Any infraction made during the probation period will have serious repercussions. The +PENITENT+ title is not meant as an insult to the member.

If you take issue with official action, you are invited to contact the warning moderator; and if necessary, you may contact an Administrator if you feel a warning was issued unfairly. All official warnings are logged and recorded by the software and are reviewed by the Administrators to make sure things are being done properly. This monitoring also ensures proper coaching in the event that a Moderator/Administrator makes a mistake in the course of issuing a warning and to prevent future incidents from happening again.


All official warnings at the B&C are logged and any notes issued with the warning are also logged. In general, a warning point will automatically be removed after six months, unless additional warnings are accrued during that time.

This reduction isn't a license to go and break the rules again, however, and recidivists taking advantage of this clemency will be dealt with more severely than first time offenders.


Sometimes a question is answered, the thread already has an ongoing discussion in another thread, or various other reasons that a thread may be closed without disciplinary action. This is generally just to steer the subject to ongoing discussions or close a thread from further discussion if the issue at hand has been dealt with.

Some threads get out of hand, though, or they go off topic, turn into a personal chat, or various other reasons it gets off course from what is considered acceptable at the B&C. Threads that break the rules of the B&C are subject to closure. It is at the discretion of the forum moderators as to if/when a thread will be closed as a disciplinary measure. When this situations arises, Moderators will close the thread with an explanation for the topic closure and the following image:


It is possible that the topic may be reopened later. If necessary, some posts may be edited or hidden by the moderators, or the moderators decide that folks have cooled their heels enough to get a topic back on track. You can take it up with your forum moderator if you have issue with a closing, however please remain civil if you don't agree with what has been done. Flying off the handle will not help bring your point across.


Inevitably, members aren't going to agree on everything. And, the Internet being what it is, people often act is if it's okay to say whatever they want because there won't be any consequences. Or sometimes someone says something that you find offensive, or that you think is inappropriate in some way.

You'll be tempted to return fire, giving tit for tat or escalating.

The site doesn't need that. Remember, the mission of the site is to help each other to enjoy the hobby. It's difficult to do that when we're getting into spats with people we don't know.

Use the REPORT button when you see something that you think needs to be addressed. This will allow you to identify a potential problem to the staff, who will then take a look, discuss whether or not there is an issue that we need to handle, and then take whatever action we deem is appropriate.

Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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  • Faction: VIIth Legion

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A variety of projects take place throughout the Bolter & Chainsword, ranging from the development of DIYs (in the Liber forums), member PLOGS (usually in the Forge forums, but often in the faction forums), to the development of special rules (usually in the Homegrown Rules forum). Some projects are more extensive, and we often refer to them as "special projects."

Regardless of whether a project is "regular" or "special" and regardless of where it is conducted on the B&C we've developed guidelines in the Special Projects forum here.

In an effort to maintain consistency and currency, we're not going to re-post those rules here. Simply follow the link for the definitive set of guidelines for projects.

Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


  • 22,966 posts
  • Location:The Temple of Oaths
  • Faction: VIIth Legion

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3D printing is any of various processes in which material is joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional object, with material being added together (such as liquid molecules or powder grains being fused together).

3D printing is a subset of additive manufacturing. Though the following refers to “3D printing,” it should be understood that everything below applies to additive manufacturing as a whole (“3D printing” is the terminology used herein simply because it is the most recognizable and understood by the majority of members).

Though 3D printing has been around for decades, the development of affordable 3D printers and materials has made this capability available to a more widespread audience. Individuals are now able to scan objects to create files that can be used to reproduce items. Similarly, computer-aided-design (CAD) programs can be used to modify scanned objects or to design objects from scratch. Files can be shared electronically, allowing for rapid proliferation of data for a disaggregated manufacturing effort. Overall, the accessibility of 3D printing capabilities has been a very interesting, and contentious, introduction to the wargaming hobby.

Despite the opportunities afforded by 3D printing, there is the potential for it to be used inappropriately (read: illegally or unethically). The Bolter & Chainsword exists to help our members enjoy the hobby, and the full range of the hobby includes 3D printing. So discussion of 3D printing as relevant to the Warhammer 40,000 hobby will be allowed here at the B&C, albeit with some limitations. I’ll repeat that with emphasize just so that we’re clear:

=][= Discussion of 3D printing as relevant to the Warhammer 40,000 hobby will be allowed here at the B&C, albeit with some limitations. =][=

An important thing to keep in mind is that the Bolter & Chainsword observes Games Workshop’s Intellectual Property Guidelines. We enforce those guidelines in terms of the content here at the Bolter & Chainsword, which includes discussions, images in galleries, files in the Downloads section, etc. Here’s an excerpt from those guidelines (as of 21 July 2021) specifically about 3D printing:
  • recasting and 3D printing - our products must not be illegally re-cast or scanned, nor should digital designs of our products be illegally produced and distributed.
The limitations on 3D printing content here at the Bolter & Chainsword include:
  • All content about 3D printing must be relevant to the Warhammer 40,000 hobby (this includes images used in tutorials).
  • The B&C may not be used as a medium for sharing files (this includes using our email system, the downloads, linking to repositories of 3D printing files, etc.).
  • Any content that violates Games Workshop’s Intellectual Privacy Policy will be removed and may subject the member to additional disciplinary action if deemed necessary by the administrators.
The above is deliberately broad in nature as the technology/capability is relatively new to our hobby and community. The above constitutes broad intent and is subject to change as we get a better community understanding of the capability. When in doubt, contact the administrators/moderators beforehand. The administrators/moderators will hide questionable content for review and determination of suitability here at the Bolter & Chainsword (unsuitable content will be removed permanently while suitable content will return, possibly with amendments to ensure that the content doesn’t encroach into unsuitable territory).

Examples of allowed 3D printing topics:
  • Discussions about CAD programs, 3D printers, and materials that are appropriate to the hobby
  • Tutorials on designing parts for the hobby that Games Workshop and its subsidiaries don’t produce (e.g., unique Imperial Knight faceplates, themed bases, bare heads, etc.)
Examples of 3D printing topics that aren’t allowed:
  • How to scan a part (e.g., Adeptus Astartes shoulder pads) for mass production
  • Tutorials on designing parts and models for the hobby that Games Workshop or its subsidiaries produce or which are out of production (e.g., Sergeant Centurius, Aeronautica Imperialis models, etc.)
  • Tutorials on designing (or depicting) parts/models for games that aren’t part of the Warhammer 40,000 setting
In addition to the above, discussion about the basics of CAD and 3D printing should be avoided, instead linking to external sources of information on these subjects.

As you can see, the examples above are a bit vague. Just keep the limitations in mind, and when in doubt, ask first.

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