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In The Embrace Of The Great Nurgle...

Nurgle chaos chaos space marine traitor legions XIV legion Typhus WIP Death Guard Legion plague marines

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In the embrace of the great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once most feared:


Kulvain Hestarius of the Death Guard

The Dead Walk Among Us…

(hyperlinks to finished models in here…when that happens)

Greetings!  Some of you might have come across my Night Lords WIP, Yes, shameless plug, while they will still be my main focus, I figured now would be the best time to start a little idea I had.  I plan to make a small force for each of the Gods, sooo, First up, Papa Nurgle and friends!
With the Death Guard in full swing for 8th edition, I’m going to start building a few for myself.  If that wasn’t enough, I’m going to be fiddling around with “True Scale”; I want these guys to stand out a little more than the obvious Blue and Green contrast they will have when on the field with my Night Lords.  For now, I’ll just be cutting legs and adding a bit of plasticard to make them taller. 

The fluff for these guys will be that they are part of Typhus’ Plague Fleet and are nobody special.  That might change as things in the Galaxy change and ramp up, but only time will tell… (I know, sounds very Tzeentch…but “only death and decay will tell” didn’t sound right-ish…)



I’ve had this guy painted for a while now.  The struggle will now be trying to remember how I painted him for my future DG.
Some quick work on a Squad Captain:
I have this guy named and I’m really giddy to explain how I came up with the name (it’s nothing special lol)…but I feel like once I share I’ll have zero interest to build/paint this guy. So for now his name will be, B3th. 
Well. That’s all for now, CC always welcome and thanks for stopping by!

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Works In Progress 


Nostraman_zpsf4be09e4.png   3nlK9nQ.png






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Got some work done on B3th and a few of his friends: 





Because every DG captain needs a Scythe! Still need to add a boat load of details: 





Started to do some green stuff work on legs,  Thanks to Gawain Veteris  for his Horus Heresy Tutorials 

The good thing is i can afford to make mistakes on these guys and just blame it on Nurgle! 





Last but not least, I've had 4 of these old Plague Marines and they have gone through a few different looks.  Back in the day my local GW was having an "auction" for sets that were missing parts, these guys had no army, and as you can see still don't.  I've yet to find a look for them that i'm happy with so fingers crossed:




That's all folks! 

CC always welcome, Thanks for stopping by!

Works In Progress 


Nostraman_zpsf4be09e4.png   3nlK9nQ.png






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Great work on that skull (helmet or face?)
I'm curious about the finished captain, but i still suggest that you should give him some maggots and maybe a intestinal loop, which is seen behind/on the side of the cloth

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