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Greetings B&C


Just a brief intro. I last played 40k in late 3rd/early 4th edition, after which it fell by the wayside as I moved in to adulthood and other hobbies became more personally important. However I always loved the 40k setting and continued to casually play some of the video games. This brings us to about two years ago when I was going through some old boxes and found the remnants of my guard army. This sparked fresh interest and I took to the web in search of the latest and greatest in 40k. I began to bring myself up to speed on the changes that transpired in the years I was gone from the hobby. This reawakening was placed on hold however as I spent summer 2015 to summer 2016 in the middle east. On my return I promptly dived back in, seemingly just in time for the transition to 8th.


Where I stand now:


I have started several army projects (WIP threads to follow). First a revamping of my old guard army, preparing it for 8th edition glory. A small Dark Eldar force, for which I have most of the miniatures purchased, just waiting to be built. An inquisition/SoB army, just in its infancy at this point, although I do have some old metal sisters lying around. And my favorite project right now, a renegade guard force that I have been absolutely loving converting models for.


Anyway, I look forward to sharing some of my projects with you and becoming an active forum member.




PS, I'm a car guy and a gun guy when I'm not a 40k guy, so if anyone wants to censored.gif about either, cheers!

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Welcome to the B&C Kombatrok, please familiarise yourself with our rules (freshly updated) so I don't have to edit your posts ;) With 8th just released it's a great time to return to the hobby - I look forward to seeing your WIP in the barracks for your Guard :)

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Hail and welcome to B&C!


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Welcome to the B&C! :tu:

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Welcome to the B&C :)

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Welcome! Feel free to make your way down to the Adepta Sororitas forum if you have any questions about your Sisters (or the Imperial Agents forum for your Inquisition stuff)

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