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Advanced Tau Tactica

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Inquisitor Fox

Inquisitor Fox


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Here's another site that I've been a member of for a good long while, since the B&C didn't have xenos at all smile.png  It is a very polite, respectful community, very well moderated, and very knowledgeable with respect to fluff, the game, modelling, etc.




In a lot of ways, it'd feel just like here only with more blue skinned aliens msn-wink.gif


A lot of the articles are geared at the moment more towards 7th edition, but I expect that to be updated as the new edition really sinks in. Two resources mean twice the knowledge after all :)

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+1 for this.


Both when I was researching and getting into Tau I found this the most informative and friendliest place for the Greater Good on the internet.

I haven't been on there for a year though since I began my Templar army, but once I've gotten into 8th ed and brought my Tau back I'll try and re-engage on there.

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