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Units for a 30k Army

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I have pulled the trigger on the master crafted flamer.

I have ordered bits to fully transform all of Calth and Prospero boxes into a Salamanders 30k army. So what I know I will use of that:
HQs from Calth
30 Tactical marines
10 man flamer squad
Cataphractii Terminators
Tartaros Terminators

20 tacticals free for conversion to other units. (Heavy Support squads?)
Vanilla Contemptor

Planned future purchases:
Firedrakes 5x
Pyroclasts 5x
Salamander Contemptor
Infurnace Predator

So what else? Every 30k army I see seems to have at least one expensive tank/dread. What other units would be needed and/or fluffy?




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Yeah vehicles seem like a must. Definitely some rhinos for the tactical squads and maybe a spartan (pretty expensive model but it is a great tank).

With your planned future purchases you should  have a very nice fluffy salamanders army.

Using leftovers you have a few options. I was able to build 5 man heavy support squad with missile launchers and a 5 man despoiler squad from my Calth box. 

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