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Delaying tactics

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What is your guys take on ways to take on the new horde armies? I've got friends that can field 150 bodies plus vehicles on the board, charging turns 1 and 2. Da jump for Orks even let's them deep strike 30 man blobs all over the place.

Any ideas on ways to slow or counter the onslaught?

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Captain Coolpants

Captain Coolpants


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Yeah the gw team really didn't consider just how amazingly powerful da jump would be for orks specifically. I literally haven't the slightest of clues on how to defend against them. They plop 30 guys 9"away from you, they get to re-roll the charge, and unless you kill them all in overwatch (impossible) you cannot make the charge harder as they'll remove casualties from the back.

Just spread your units out so they can't pile in/consolidate into other units, and just shoot alllll the things at them. And if you know you're going to get charged, you may as well charge them first so you can at least attack before.

Just don't expect to kill as many as you used to, because previously our guns just ignored their armour regardless of bladestorm, now they get a 6+. Not much but it helps. And as long as the orks have done a bit of a conga line, pain boys are giving them a 6+fnp

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Not an Aeldari player but three thoughts... 1) shouldn't be too hard to deny deep strike. An 18" gap between units doesn't force them to be too scattered or clumped and totally denies deep strike.

2) remember that orks that deep strike won't be near other ork units so morale can take effect if you deplete them.

3) the "speedbump" tactic of shoot-charge-tryandsurvive-fallback-shoot with a sacrificial unit works well.

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Iron Father Ferrum

Iron Father Ferrum


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#1 & #3 from Silentz's list is how you do it.  Keep your deployment zone forces spread out enough to prevent a deep strike in your backfield.  Then deploy something cheap on the front line, be it a few spread-out squad of Guardians or maybe use a few minimum squads of rangers.  Their deep strike is done after deployment but before the first turn, so they can be used to choke off mid-field deep strike landing zones and they serve as speed bumps.  If you lose five rangers to charging orks, who cares?  Those orks are now no immediate threat to your main body and you can lay into them with shurikens et al as you please.

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