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Blood Angels - 2000pts

Primaris Marines Blood Angels

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  • Faction: Flesh Tearers
Total Points: 1995
Spearhead Detachment (1237)
HQ - Primaris Captain - 135
HEAVY Support - (1102)
Hell Blaster Squad x4 - 190 (760)
Baal Predator x2 - Flamestorm Cannon + Heavy Flamer x2 - 171 (342)
Battalion Detachment (758)
HQ - Sanguinary Priest - 91 
- Power Fist & Storm Bolter
HQ - Sanguinary Priest - 91
- Power Fist & Storm Bolter
Scoutx6 96 (576) (Not sure if I should drop a scout squad to give the rest camo cloaks or not.)
Sniper Rifle x4
Missile Launcher
Scouts deploy all over the map, pref with LoS on enemy characters or monsters.
Hell Blasters deploy middle of the board with the Captain and two Priests. 
Still debating if I want to drop one of the scout squads to give the other 5 camo cloaks. It will help increase their survivability for sure. But I'm just not sure what to do there yet.
I'm also contemplating dropping two scout squads for two intercessor squads. They cost 9 more points than the scouts but I won't have nearly half my army as gun platforms or -1 to hit on the move.
Add an additional Primaris Lieutenant to the Spearhead Detachment +74pts to that detachment
Alternative Battalion Detachment (678)
HQ -
Sanguinary Priest x2 - 91 (182)
- Power Fist & Storm Bolter
Primaris Lieutenant (74)
- Master Crafted Bolt Rifle or Power Sword
TROOP - (422)
Scoutx2 - 111 (222)
- Sniper Rilfe x4, Missile Launcher, Camo Cloaks
Intercessor Squad x2 - 100 (200)
This does drop me down to two sniper squads however. But it does create a more diverse force.

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"Death before Dishonor! No Mercy!" - Captain Donatello of the Roaring Lions!


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