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Horus's plan for neutralizing each loyal Legion

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As Dorn did, once the danger became apparent. Horus talks in Path of Heaven about the "outer rings of iron, the first of Dorn's defences arraigned on a hundred worlds." So about a hundred worlds, fortified by the Imperial Fists and ready to fight to the last man. I reckon that explains the delayed Traitor assault on Terra.

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If I was going to guess about Horus plan with regards to the Space Wolves, it was bait them into conflicts  they were unsuited for, as far away from terra as possible. Thus the Alpha legion engaging the Space Wolf legion at the Alaxxes Nebula ( long range navel warfare was never the Space Wolves legion strong suit) And Later Abaddon curb stomping a sizable chunk of the space wolves legion at Yarant ( An attritional conflict, the space wolves lacked orbital support).

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