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Codex Space Marines

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Damned legionaries I don't expect to be removed as much as that that the SM Codex is not the book for them. I guess they will again be in the agents of the Imperium book, like in 7th. Afterall GW is still selling them.

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If the timing of the post he quoted is an issue, then go back 3+ pages into this topic when the same arguments were being made.

THAT BEING SAID, we're all going to have to move on from this point of contention since its more of a "discuss it with your local group" type deal especially since the vast majority of us here probably dont belong to the same groups and will never play games against each other.
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Cheaper Ironclads, Emperor's Champ, and Skyspears...oh yes.  Yesssss. devil.gif


Raven hauling an Ironclad and a Champion just got a lot cheaper.


Edit- Nevermind, was thinking of the wrong missiles.  Still, two for three teehee.gif


Edit 2- Oh, and Vindis!  All my favs!

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And C:SM is live for digital download. Which means this thread is as a dead as Istvaan V



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