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Inspirational Friday 2017: Death Guard (until 8/11)

Inspirational Friday 2017 Kierdale Inspirational Friday Death Guard

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Inspirational Friday: The Death Guard
For those who do not know it, Inspiration Friday is a (generally) fortnightly weekly event within its home in the Chaos Space Marines forum, in which a topic is set for members to write short (or long if the muse takes you) fluff/fan-fic pieces about their war bands, characters and models.

And today begins our fourteenth challenge of Inspirational Friday 2017:
Death Guard
The 14th legion. The sons of Mortarion. Warriors of Barbarus. Formerly the Dusk Raiders. The first-blessed of Grandfather Nurgle.
Once warriors of strength, strong will and stern resolution, they were ravaged by plague whilst trapped in the warp en route to Terra. Their lord, Mortarion, swore fealty to Nurgle and saw his sons transformed into Plague Marines; their flesh bubbling with corruption, their innards spilling through lesions in their putrid skin and their bodies and weapons oozing with slime.
They rule over the Plague Planet where sickness and pestilence are the norm, where miasmic clouds bring contagion and death and where the diseased pray to Nurgle for relief from their constant agony.
When the Death Guard march from the Eye, or the Cicatrix Maledictum, there goes before them countless pandemics which ravage those who would oppose them even before the Plague Marines strike and bring the blessings of Grandfather Nurgle...

Inspirational Friday: Death Guard runs until the 11th of August.

Let us be inspired.

To whomever wins IF: Death Guard goes the Pox Amulet...
...and the honour of judging the next challenge (which they can relinquish to me if they wish).
Why would anyone other than a heretic want such an accursed bauble? To prevent the forces of Chaos from laying their claws on it, of course!

Please submit your entries (and any questions you might have) in the main IF thread linked to above.




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You have two weeks left to get entries in :)