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Gospel Squad (Alt Name: Albigensian Squad)

Black Templar Bike

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  • Location:Hazeorth Subsector
  • Chapter Name: Black Templar: Dalthus Crusade
Fast Attack: Gospel Squad. Power Lv6
Initiate Biker
Ws-3+ Bs-3+ S-4 T-5 W-2 A-1 Ld-7 Sv-3+
Sword Brother Biker
Ws-3+ Bs-3+ S-4 T-5 W-2 A-2 LD-8 Sv-3+
Neophyte Biker
Ws-3+ Bs-3+ S-4 T-5 W-2 A-1 LD-6 Sv-4+

The unit contains 3 Initaite Bikers, one may be replaced by a Sword Brother Biker. It may include up to 3 additional Initaite Bikers (Power Rating +5). It may include up to 3 Neophyte Bikers (Power Rating +3) or up to 6 Neophyte Bikers (Power Rating +6). Each Model is armed with Bolt Pistol, Frag and Krak Grenades. Each of their Space Marine Bike is equipped with a Twin Boltgun.

The Sword Brother Biker may replace his Bolt Pistol with an item from the Sergeant Weapon List.
Any Initaite Biker may replace his Bolt Pistol with a Chainsword.
Up to Two Initaite Bikers may replace their Bolt Pistols with an item from the Special Weapon List, a Power Ax, Power Fist, Power Sword or a Power Maul.
Any Neophyte Biker may replace their Bolt Pistol with a Combat Knife, or an Astartes Shotgun.

And They Shall Know No Fear
Turbo Boost: When this unit advances, add 6 to its movement characteristic instead of rolling a dice.

Faction Keywords
Black Templars, Imperium, Adeptus Astartes

Biker, Gospel Squad

Points (Does not Include Wargear)
Gospel Squad: 3-6, 31 Points a Model
Neophyte Biker: 0-6, 25 Points a Model

Tried to follow Crusader Squad Template. The lack of an Attack Bike option is on purpose.
Wish List:
BT Crusader Biker- http://www.bolterand...igensian-squad/
BT Primaris Crusaders - (WIP)

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: Black Templar, Bike

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