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Lord Absolution's New Custodes Army

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I want the flyer so badly!!!!



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Ad Victoriam

Lord Absolution

Lord Absolution


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Hahaha, a few more months before the whole army is complete. Work just takes too much of my time, sadly.

My larger concern is if / when they allow 30k models with Custodes......it will be more months of painting adding Jet Bikes, Grav Tanks, and the new Custodes Flyer !!!


Funnily enough the most recent WD has a teaser for a BL book coming soon that focuses on the Custodes (and Sisters of Silence) being roused to war in numbers for the first time since the Heresy.


Maybe it'll name drop a few 30k units to set a precedent! ph34r.png woot.gif



I'm sure a week after I complete the army new rules with tons of other options will drop !!!

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