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Ban non-picture rumours (i.e. text-based rumours)

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More or less as the title goes.

We've had a few threads shared recently which have consisted of nothing more than a small selection of text, generally unsourced. Most of the time they smack of wish listing, and more often than not they generate considerable salt on the forums and lead to several pages of arguments before a moderator has to step in and pimp slap the troublemakers. It'd be fantastic if that could be neutered.

So, I'm really just proposing what's in the title; if a relatively clear picture doesn't exist, it isn't welcome.





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We're not going to be making judgements on the quality of a rumour, that's for the membership to do. Otherwise we'd have to rename the section News and Board Announcements ;)

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Race Bannon

Race Bannon


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Not requesting to ban rumors?  :cry:



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Text rumours, not picture rumours. >_>

The wish listing is getting out of hand, though. Not to mention the consistent Natfka/BoLS linking...


Brother Casman

Brother Casman


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The trouble I see with banning text rumours, is that we get a lot of rumours via word-of-mouth, ergo no pictures.
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Reclusiarch Krieg

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Yeah, no. Lady Atia was all text in rumours and always checked out.
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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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We're not going to require rumors to have pictures.

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