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Bike Transport Case or Cases


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Brother Eleysium

Brother Eleysium


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I recently started playing Dark Hunters which is a White Scars Successor. I have 2 complete squads of bikes, and have only played a few games with them. But, every time I have transported them in my Medium sized GW plastic case, that has always worked exceptionally with other armies and even minis from other games in the past, I have had broken models. Chainswords on bikers, a power sword on my Sergeant, even my heavily modded and kit bashed Librarian's Sword was bent horribly. And the worst part is that thy are not breaking on the attached seems, but literally breaking the plastic and causing awful scarring and break lines on the painted surfaces... wallbash.gif


I have tried to lay them on there sides, rearrange where they are at inside the case, and unfortunately there just seems to be too many pressure points... Can you guys please suggest a better carrying case, tray or packaging system?


I need your help brothers!

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I've heard good things about magnetic cases. http://www.army-case.com Was the first thing for them that came up on google, but there's more out there and I've heard of people making their own too.
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If you're in Europe Feldherr are worth a look. They've got lots of depths of foam, with pre-cut and pick 'n'' pluck so they'd for sure have something.

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Tyberos the Red Wake

Tyberos the Red Wake


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Assuming your bikers don't have their arms sticking out to the side (like they're going to slice someone in half as they drive by), you can fit them very safely in medium depth trays that use long rectangles. Typically the foam trays they sell for Terminators, Assault Marines, etc, will be able to fit Bikes.

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