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Tyranids in Shadow War: Armageddon

Shadow War: Armageddon

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So as we all know, the bundle of joy that is Shadow War: Armageddon contains rather awesome rules for Tyranid Warrior kill-teams. They also seem to be pretty good, with decent ranged weapons, obscenely murderous melee potential and some of the toughest units in the game. So, this here is a thread to talk about the Great Devourer in SW:A, be it modelling ideas, tactics, fluff inspiration or whatever else comes to mind.


To start the ball rolling, I've written up a roster of Warriors for my Hive Fleet- this awesome foursome being named the Death Roaches. First, here's the basic list, complete with a veritable mountain of fluff...




...And my basic modelling ideas for the gribblies:




Anyway, now all that rubbish is out the way, let the discussion begin!

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I cant say I know anything about using Tyranids in SWA, but I am facing them this weekend in the campaign me and some people got going on. I'll try using both Chaos kill team against them and Dark Eldar kill team. This will happen during the weekend so i'll surely will come back here around Monday and share some thoughts about how do the Tyranids play out. Also If the time will allow, there will be other matches involving the guy with Tyranid force, including potentially having them faced against Imperial Guard, Orks and Space Marines Scouts, and I might observe those too.

Check out my thread regarding the building of Vorpal Swords Chapter army list and their background story:


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