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2k Craftworlds - Stretchgoal

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Marshal Wolfhart

Marshal Wolfhart


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Hey there, thought i'd share what i'm currently working towards, also looking for opinions so i don't make (more) suboptimal buys. Got two games of 8th myself so far with Eldar, but watched a ton of Batreps and games at the local store while painting msn-wink.gif so i think i got a grasp of what awaits...


Here goes:


Battalion Detachment: Craftworlds




Farseer  - 120

- Singing Spear


Autarch Skyrunner *  - 121

- Mandiblasters, Laser Lance, Shuriken pistol


Warlock - 37




Dire Avengers (10) - 167

- Exarch: Diresword


Guardian Defenders (10) - 110

- Platform: AML


Guardian Defenders (10) - 110

- Platform: AML




Wraithguard * (5) - 225

- D-Scythes


Fast Attack:


Shining Spears * (5) - 218

- Exarch: Starlance


Heavy Support:


Dark Reapers (5) - 187

- Exarch: Tempest Launcher


War Walkers (2) - 222

- 4 AML


Wraithlord - 155

- 2 Flamers, Ghostglaive, 2 Shurikencannons




Wave Serpent - 163

- Shurikencannon, Twin Shurikencannons, Vectored Engines, Spirit Stones



Wave Serpent - 163

- Shurikencannon, Twin Shurikencannons, Vectored Engines, Spirit Stones


That's 1998 total. Units marked with * are not yet in my collection (or in fewer numbers, for the shining spears. Old metal chunks biggrin.png ).

Other units i got boxed: 6 Striking Scorpions, 5 Swooping Hawks, 2 Warlocks, 1 Farseer, 5 Dire Avengers, 3 Vaul's Wrath Batteries.

I can live with switching to Ynnari for SfD, but would stick to Craftworlds for most friendly games, and i really don't want to dip into Harlequins or Dark Eldar at this point. Might get the triumvirate down the line though.


My thought is to have a rather static lump with the Heavy Support choices, the Guardians and the Warlock. Meanwhile the Spears + Autarch and the Serpents with Avengers, Farseer and Wraithguard move up to take objectives and/or eliminate priority threats.


I know some of these choices are suboptimal (poor DAs) and that is okay with most of my opponents. Sometimes, there are these kinds of people at the FLGS though and i don't want to be entirely in the fluffy bunny corner tongue.png So tell me ehat you think, can this be made to work? What could be substituted to give the cheesemongers a run for their money in a pinch? My first idea is to trim heavy weapon chices to squeeze in the Hawks... And did i even account for the points properly? ohmy.png Looking forward to some feedback!

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