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<+ Zone Mortalis +> for 8th edition

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I’m playing some narrative Zone Mortalis games this coming days and we wanted some rules that are based on 8th edition instead of earlier editions. I would greatly appreciate some feedback just keep in mind that I put this together for a very specific board using the space hulk tiles and a specific couple of games that is happening in the coming days, that’s why it’s a bit rough and basic. 


<+ Zone Mortalis + >

+ In Zone Mortalis you can re-roll all failed wound rolls for grenades, also grenades that have a random number of attacks always counts as having roll the maximum possible.

+ No indirect fire weapons

+ No unit with keyword Fly

+ Only units with keyword infantry, except for vehicles with the keyword dreadnought that can fit on the board

+ Character auras and abilities doesn’t work thru walls.

+ Units deep striking roll a die when deploying. On a roll of 1 the unit takes D3 mortal wounds.

The Zone Mortalis

The board where Zone Mortalis is taking place should be divided up in sections that compromise the area between two closed airlocks. Such an area can compromise of both rooms and corridors. During the game, airlocks might which are opened or destroyed increases the size of the section or divides in when airlocks are being closed.


+ An Airlock can be either; open, closed, Accessible, locked, controlled, or destroyed.

- Open airlock can be moved thru freely, does not hinder line of sight.

- A closed airlock is considered impassable terrain and block line of sight until opened.

- Accessible If a unit moves into contact with the airlock they may open or close it. They can close the airlock as part of moving thru the opening.

- A locked airlock is considered as impassable terrain until it is force or unlocked by some other means.

- Controlled airlocks are considered open to the owner and locked to the enemy.

- Airlocks are a model with T7 and one wound. If the airlock is destroyed the two adjacent sectors that the airlock divided turn into one section. A destroyed airlock is removed from play.



<+ Reaction Fire Attack +>

Making a Reaction Fire attack

The Reaction Fire attack is carried out exactly like Overwatch except that the unit being charged consult reaction fire table, rolling a d6 equal to or below the initiative value for their faction.

If the unit succeeds in rolling equal to or below they fire Overwatch using their regular BS. If the unit fails the initiative roll it resolves Overwatch as normal hitting on 6+.



Adeptus Custodes










Adeptus Astartes


Heretic Astartes




Chaos Demons


The Inquisition


Sisters of Silence


Astra Militarum


Adeptus Mechanicus


Adeptus Ministorum


Genstealer cult


T’au Empire







+ Only Units not engaged in close combat may attempt a Reaction Fire attack when being charged.

+ Pistol, Assault, and rapid fire weapons may attempt reaction fire attacks without any penalties.

+ Single shot Heavy weapons are at -1 to hit during a Reaction Fire attack  

+ A unit may only attempt a reaction fire against the first unit they are charged by.


<+ Catastrophic Damage +>

During scenarios that represent a deteriorating situation, such as an ongoing space battle. Both players roll a d6 each adding the result together and then consulting the catastrophic damage table.






Hull Quake


No effect


Power Surge


Structural Collapse



Roll a die for each section. On a roll of 1 a wildfire starts in the section. If a door is destroyed or opened to the section on fire it will spread to the adjacent sector. A unit or model that ends its move in a section on fire take D6 wounds.

A minimum of 1 fire must start. If no section is affected on the first roll the players keep rolling until a 1 is rolled.

Hull quake:

All units are -2” to movement, advance, and charge.

No effect: Nothing happens.

Power surge: If night fighting isn’t in effect it starts being in effect from now until another power surge is rolled. While night fighting is in effect units can only shoot at enemy units within 12”. Roll for each Airlocks they either shuts or opens on a roll of 5+.

Structural Collapse

Roll a die for each section. On a roll of 1 the section is exposed to the Cold Void. If a door is destroyed or opened to the section exposed to the Cold Void it will spread to the adjacent sector. Every unit that are in a section when it suffers a structural collapse takes a S4 hit for each model in the unit, if the model has a AV value it takes a d3 mortal wounds.

A minimum of 1 Structural Collapse must happen. If no section is affected on the first roll the players keep rolling until a 1 is rolled.


<+ The Cold Void +>

When the Cold void special rules are in effect, the following apply:

+ Any weapon with Strength 4 or higher causes an additional -1AP, unless the target is Void Hardened or has a save characteristic 2+.

+ Explosive weapons (D6, D3) get +1 Strength.

The hungry stars

If a unit is on the outside hull of a spaceship or in a room/corridor that has been ripped open to the void they risk being propelled into the void.

+ A model hit by a blast attack and survives have to roll equal to or below its strength, a roll of 6 always fail. If they roll above their strength the model is removed as a casualty.

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